I Watched With Shock. Give Me Your Thoughts



You’ve read the headlines, now watch the story about a crime so heinous some would rather see the suspect dead than in jail. The manhunt for the nation’s most wanted alleged pedophile ended Monday night as fugitive Chester Stiles, accused in the videotaped molestation of a 3-year-old girl, was arrested outside Las Vegas. Stiles had been wanted since October 5 on warrants issued for 21 felony charges in connection with acts seen on the videotape. Some of the charges include lewdness with a minor, sexual assault with a victim under 14, and attempted sexual assault. Says Bob Beckett, Nye County District Attorney, “Mr. Stiles could be facing 10 to 15 life sentences.”


“There are so many mothers out there who do wind up with somebody infiltrating and getting to their children, and they forever live in guilt, and that’s not right, and it’s not fair,” Dr. Phil stresses. “For all the mothers who watch and hear this, I want them to hear what I’m saying. Let me tell you, you’re the only mother they’ll ever have.”


Could you spot a child predator? Is your family at risk? Dr. Phil explains the warning signs to watch for ” you’ll be shocked! Plus, the reported victim’s mother breaks her silence in an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil. What does the little girl remember about the attack? Then, Stiles’ ex-girlfriend and her son talk about their conflicting accounts of Stiles’ behavior. If it’s happening now, Dr. Phil is going to talk about it now!


I watched the show, Dr. Phil today and it made my stomach sick that any human being could fathom the idea of molesting or raping a three-year old.

What do you believe to be the reason anyone would act in this manner?

10 thoughts on “I Watched With Shock. Give Me Your Thoughts

  1. I do not understand this and who anyone can do this, but I do not believe they should be put in prison, I believe they should be put to death.
    These animals do not rehabilitate.


  2. there have many studies done regarding this type of fiend. there are also studies to try to understand the women who are drawn to these men. i will say this as a forensic psychologist no matter what name you give it the bottom line will always be two things, there are predators and there are women out there willing to sacrifice even their own children to keep these men. we were able to keep many of these sick individuals behind locked doors and gates for years. the main reason was we were willing to go to court repeatedly and educate the lawyers and judges that these animals will never be fit to walk among the rest of society safely.

    i have had my threats and it never bothered me as long as i felt i could defend even one child. that is what it takes, people who are willing to face these animals down and say “not one more victim.”
    we know there is evil in the world and we must be ready to give the good fight.

    why they do it? according to them and their lawyers they have been victimized so that is all they know. i don’t buy it and rather than through someone in jail for smoking pot and kicking out one of these cretans “to make room” give a pot smoker a lessor priority.

    ok that is enough, i am fired up. gotta watch the other you tube video again and get back my happy place:)


    • I think you make an excellent point. Although it is a different topic, it takes me back to my deceased mothers words. She used to say, Depession, it has made millions for the pharmacutical companies and doctors. But for the patient, we have taught them to hide behind excuses. It seems that the excuse is what keeps them in prisons, and the lessons that need to be learned are tossed. Thanks for this comment. I love it


  3. I think death will be too easy for him. I’d say he should be tortured for some time. He should be made to feel powerless. Death comes later when he realises he has no more reason to live for the sins he has comitted.


  4. Andy Stanley, son of Dr. Charles Stanley, has written a book called “It Comes from Within.” The Bible, in Jeremiah 17:9, says that the (human) heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. There are some sins that seem unfathomable to you and me; things we know we would never do, and can’t imagine anyone else wanting to do. But the human heart has a proclivity toward self and sin, and sometimes all that is needed is opportunity. If the doer has been exposed to sexuality/pornography at an early age, his leanings will very likely be toward sexual sin.

    Someone has said that freedom is never free; that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. We can NEVER be to careful about our kids. Ever.


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