The Circus

The Circus

The circus is coming

All eyes are glued

To colors of orange

And red, white and blue.


The kiddies are ginning

From ear to ear

Parents are talking

With cameras and gear.


Lions and tigers

And elephants too

Funny clowns walk

And wave hello to you.


Cotton candy on a stick

Hot dogs on a bun

So much soda in my gut

But wow, I’m having fun.


Mom and dad are just the best

Taking me to this

But as they tuck me in my bed

I give a hug and kiss.


I go to sleep with a smile on my face

I dream of all  I did

I never want to wake from this

I just want to remain a kid.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd












2 thoughts on “The Circus

    • It is so nice to meet you Red. Our childhood memories are usually the best, as there are no pretending and innocent thoughts. Pure joy and no expectations. Thank you


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