Now? Later!

We all procrastinate. Website, magazine, knitting project, TV show, something else — what’s your favorite procrastination destination?


I seemed to have lost my drive since my brother passed away. Here it is almost four months and I have been the biggest procrastinator who lives and walks this earth. The list seems quite long and before I am finished I know I will be embarrassed by how long the compileation will be.

I procrastinate:

Getting out of bed

Getting dressed

Putting make-up on

Walking out my front door



Seeing the sun

That is quite a list; I have to admit to myself.




The earth moves quickly

And I am standing still

Fighting for my life

Not really knowing real.


I see what I should do

And yet I procrastinate

I really feel ashamed

But can’t get past that date.


Negativity is the game

I’ve learned it very well

Oh how I wish I could see the light

Maybe hear a tiny bell.


I didn’t want this to happen

On the day that you  did pass

I think you are  probably staring

At me through the looking glass.


You would say move on and go

I am happy, I really am

Oh brother I just need a change

But I have trouble when I stand.


I need a face, a smiling face

I need to see sunshine

I am really fighting dear brother

Please forgive me when I whine.


For this will pass, I am almost sure

But the time ticks slowly by

One day I will remember you

And they’ll  be no tears in my eyes.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd