Golden Years, or Frightful Years

Help me, help me. Remember those words from the commercial for life alert buttons on TV?

It is easy to sit back at this moment in our lives and laugh out loud. Me? It will be a cold day in hell before I need one of those. Watching sports, being able to freely channel surf, drive to the grocery store, go shopping.

These are a few things we take for granted that we do every day without thinking. I have seen some humorous commercials having to do with the elderly. Remember the Clap On commercial? It actually isn’t for elderly; it is for anyone who doesn’t want to move to turn the lights out. In the commercial they use an older person with gigantic hands.




Getting older isn’t really the Golden Years. It can be times that bring fear. Fear of living alone, fear of falling, fear of lack of money for survival. I can name a few people who I have known in my life that fell and ended up in a nursing home for the rest of their lives.

One fall, and it makes a life-time change. Being older sometimes means becoming forgetful. Maybe medications are forgotten, or eating a meal gets overlooked.

One thing I can see over and over in the late hours of the evenings are commercials for life insurance policies. They always start out with the guilt trip. Don’t leave your loved ones in state of having to pay for your funeral.

Elderly are taken advantage of so easily. Salesman at the door or on the phone trying to sell something, which can sometimes be no more than a scam. Here there have been elderly that have given a lot out of their savings to have work done in their home. The guy or team promises to come back the next day to start the work. He/they walk out the door with at least half or full of the amount charged and never return.

Scams on the internet. Elderly are lonely. Older people know how to work computers and through the innocence of finding a companion, they end up giving all or most of their funds to a scammer. It is down right scary how our older generations can be treated. It is scary even for me as I look at glimpses into my future.

So I guess you can call it the Golden Years if you are lucky to still have your spouse, travel the world, and enjoy the freedom each day can bring. But for the ones whose spouse has died, or the children don’t want to be burdened, it can be a scary time to live in.book4





Little Girls



Little girls

Daydream thoughts

Dancing on air

Pretty frills

Legs so long

Hair a glow

Curls that bounce

Lipstick on

Rouge in place

Delicate moves

Graceful hands

Untouched minds

Innocence remains

Dreams and hopes

Are what little

Girls are made of.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd








What Once Was

The video I just shared with you is directed to me. Not that I am guilty of being so preoccupied with my own trinkets, but I recognize the words.

I have more than 600 friends on Facebook, but in reality I have one. Getting online and blogging or chatting with cyber friends is a good feeling. Shut down the computer, turn around and get up from the chair, and I see nothing.

You may not understand this but this video I shared with you but it reminds me of the day my brother passed away. For months so many cared, then he died, and within two hours of this terrible moment, his room was cleared of all equipment.

The feelings I had shook  me  up. Was he really here? Had I stood by  his side for so long and yet now, I had to imagine he had been there within the last two hours.

I have had this conversation several times about how lonely I am and maybe you are too. What happened? How many families sit down and eat together as a family? We traded riding bikes to sit in front of a screen.

We don’t notice others, we are so engrossed with what we are doing. I am not talking about all of us, but I am sure there are plenty of you who get what I am saying. It  has become a ME world for the most.

I find, that I have important things to say. I admit I haven’t been healthy lately. I reach out to those but am more aloof as I realize I am not taken seriously. Commitments to this or that prevent the real conversations.

Feelings are surface as people are mentally thinking what is next on the agenda for the day. Is it so hard to sit still for five minutes and really listen? Is it easy for you to place yourself in another heart; trying your best to understand, to comprehend what is in that heart and soul?

Do we take the time to look up, to  hear what they say? I don’t know how many times I have looked forward to spending some quality time with someone and our time is interrupted by cell phone texting and phones ringing.

For me, it makes me feel alone and unimportant. Maybe this is not right, maybe this is not the normal, but what is normal? I was brought up to believe in family, sharing conversations and meals together. Reaching out to help another soul was a good thing. Today, I can’t get anyone to share those times with me. I can stand in the middle of a crowd and feel entirely alone, missing what once was.