I guess WordPress thinks I am a young chick. Lately they have done so much changing on everything that has to do with my writing. I can barely keep up anymore. For some time it seemed no one was visiting my blog, then suddenly it gained 100%.

Then they changed how to even get to my blog. I had problems getting a photo downloaded; it kept saying error. Now the new post icon is up in my right corner. What is going on WordPress? Give me a break. I am not a young chick, I am middle-aged and my brain just don’t work too fast lately.

Maybe it is me. I always believed when it ain’t broke, don’t be messing with it. I realize though that I need to keep up with the changes of this giant universe.

I do like WordPress. It is an amazing place to me. A great way to vent, heal, or write, or share music and photos. For me, it works.

Tonight I went to the Moose for a couple of hours. I had supper there and now my sugar is probably too high. They had spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. I ate about half of my spaghetti, all of my salad, and didn’t touch the bread. Hopefully that starch and carb won’t get the best of me tonight.

Since I have been home I have been texting my one son. We text quite a bit. I love it. A son and his mom, still having so much chit-chat between us.

Today, I started packing some of my brother’s bedroom up. Definitely not an easy task. I guess that is why I wanted to do that room first. All of my brother’s clothes were staring at me. I have come to the place where I know I won’t wear them and there is probably someone out there who needs them.

Anyone on here live in KY? It really isn’t that far from me, but far enough I will notice a huge change in the winter time, and it is probably hotter there a little bit than here in the summers. The southern states are so beautiful with all the trees and rolling hills. I live in the flat land, the corn state, no hills here.

I heard one time that if you take our main highway, which is 30, and drive west it will take you all the way to California. I wonder if that’s really true.

Tomorrow I am picking up a friend and going to the Farmer’s Market for the first time. Hoping to pick up some cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and green beans. Oh fresh, that word sounds so nice on my lips. No canned, no frozen crap.

Well, it  is getting darker now earlier. A month ago at this time, which is 10pm, it was light. Before long it will be windy, snowy and icy here. Today I heard the first locus, and I have always known that from the first time you hear it, the weather and air will change in exactly six weeks; and it has been so as long as I can remember; so this makes it the end of August for us, and the heat shall begin to leave.

Have a great night and talk to you tomorrow.


Oh here is my latest photo of myself two days ago. No, not the locus, the other one. LOL