A Taste of Fresh

I talked to a friend last evening and decided to pick her up and go the Farmers Market this morning. It wasn’t too huge so I was able to walk with no problem. There were various vendors there selling their product.

I had to force myself to stay away from the baked good items. Smelling them can raise my sugars. LOL. There were specialty vendors that sold home-made wax tarts, which I am big into. They also sold home-made soap. I ended up buying one of the wax tart packages in lilac scent and a lemon/basil bar of soap. If it doesn’t clean me, at least my bathroom will smell good right?

We didn’t stay too long. We then ran to the grocery store so I could add to my spice rack. I swear I have every spice out there, but always room to have one more. My friend told me to try Colliander for my Diabetes, so I bought a jar. Let’s hope it works. The vendors had no tomatoes as of yet so had to purchase vine tomatoes at the store.

Here is what I ended up bringing home and now have a nice soup pot cooking. I should be able to eat on that for several days as much as I made. Of course I couldn’t resist making some fresh cucumber and onions with vinegar, sugar and water either. I saved some of my fresh veggies for snacking for later. I love how cucumbers take away my extra water I carry.


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