In between packing, I am still working hard on seeing the good in life each day. I was involved with my two grand babies for brunch and this brought plenty of smiles and good thoughts. I find that by doing one thing each day at the minimum helps my mourning process of losing Al.

Al always smiled at babies. I always thought somewhere on his mentality level he related to them so well. Although he was here when the oldest was born, he was too ill to ever meet him, and of course he was in heaven when the youngest arrived. 

I am a Grandma of I believe 11 grandchildren, don’t quote me on that. I believe my oldest, a girl, is 21 and the youngest, a girl, is five weeks. I will miss my grandchildren when I leave but I will get to enjoy my one granddaughter more often when I arrive to my new home. I won’t be so far away that I won’t get to see the others so this will be a nice plus.

babiesbabies 2babies 3

8 thoughts on “Babies

  1. Wow so many grandchildren, I bet it is hard to catch up with them, but great to always see them. One day you have to have a family party with all present, that would be great. The photos are great such sweeties!


    • Thanks, there are some I don’t see barely, and others all the time. We try to get together on holidays but with schedules, that always doesn’t work either. Thanks Ute for the great compliment


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