I Stop At No Fear



Sticking to myself

Thinking of nothing else

Looked up and saw

A spider on the crawl

I jumped back

And went splat

I ran into the pole

Does my head now have a hole?

How can a creature so small

Make me shiver and crawl

A tiny thing as he

I felt like calling mommy

I composed myself

And ran like a little elf

I went inside and grabbed

My camera and all I had

I shook as I neared

With all of my gear

I tried not to breathe

As I continued to lean

I snapped the shot

Then took off on a trot

Ran straight in the house

And quivered like a mouse

I looked at at the photo I took

And thought about how I am  hooked

On taking photos  every day

Even if fear gets in my way.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



spider 2

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