Is it Safe or Are We Safe; Any Truth to This?

I was surfing through my Facebook as I usually do each morning. No, don’t think I am addicted to  this internet site, it actually helps me to wake up. I have to read which kick start my brain. I have to focus my eyes, which exercises my muscles.

I have to think; keeps me from getting Dementia. I have to use my muscles in my face as I laugh at so many things I see. So you understand how Facebook keeps me healthier. LOL

But, I wasn’t laughing when I came across this post. I scanned the comments and then decided to open the URL and see what the talk was really all about.

Now I am not here to debate Christianity, or religion, nor God. Anyone can see that  our world used to be a better place. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that people are not as polite, kind and say compliments as years past.

I am a Christian and so therefore reading this scared me. Wow, Facebook can scare me and not even be hiding around the corner waiting to pounce. Now I have to be mature enough to know that some of these things are made-up to entice readers. Also, there is the political view involved here.

So, take away your thinking caps and just read. Read what ever catches your eye. What do you think? I know that there is truth in some because of my faith, but to realize that bad things are happening all around us and I am not praying hard enough scares me.

I also saw this video this morning. I asked myself, how can I move through each day, trying to pretend that life is what I make it? I can not control my life entirely. Environmental and worldly issues also play a role in  my living.

The last thing I saw on Facebook was a small video of a large shipment of unmarked military equipment. The comments made were that these were Russian. I am not sure about this. The city where the train was going through was a town in Missouri.

I was not able to place the video on here, sorry, but it is yet another thing to see and read that is about something we are not used to seeing.

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