Is Heaven For Real

I just watched Heaven Is For Real. It stirred me so much. I always know in my heart that Al is in heaven. He believed in God, of course he is in heaven. The thought of anywhere else has never entered my mind. Why should it? I believe in God.





God is a touchy subject among  us that walk this earth. I usually don’t get into the topic of God because of arguing that happens with everyone’s different views.

We are a group of living, human beings that in general, demands to see what we see in order to believe. It is not a fault, but a way of life. We live in pain, and there is gnashing of teeth and wicked tongues among us. Not just you but me also.

In this movie it positively shows that what I say is the truth. A church begins to collapse as it can not see nor understand what has not been shown. If a congregation can mistrust, than surely we are no better in acting the same way.

But what about a young child, can a child who is born in innocence see and  believe without question? Should we believe them or chalk it up to hallucinations or an over-active imagination.

After seeing this movie I fell to my knees. I wanted to believe there is a heaven. I needed to believe so that I know Al is at peace today and all brand new. I wanted to know that every pain, and sad heart I feel and angry words spoken to me were somehow going to be worth it in the end. In the movie the child star says there are no old people; that all are young. There are no glasses he stated. Does this mean Jesus heals? Are we put back into the state of which we were born in?

I believe we are. Jesus promises us that if we truly believe in him and follow him he will make us all brand new when we leave this earth. We shall be in his image and walk and sit with him. Can you imagine what it was like to be sitting on God’s lap?

Oh the sacrifices we make here on earth. The sin that is within us, the trials and tribulations, isn’t it all worth it if the reward in the end is heaven? A walk with God, a healing of our body, no more famish, no more weight issues, nor bullying, no worries; isn’t it all worth it?

Everything we obtain here on earth is nothing but mere pebbles according to the rewards in heaven. This movie took my faith and boosted it up. It helped me to stand taller, to fight harder, to speak louder. I don’t have to walk afraid, the only fear I have is fear itself, for God is with me.

He will walk my life beside me. He will guide me if I listen. He will heal me and forgive me when I decide to make my own decisions instead of listening to him. Oh what a mighty world we live in. I have nothing and yet I am rich for knowing God.

For me, I needed to see the movie. I needed to learn to  have faith in what I can not see. Of course I must be cautious and I will have trials until the day I die, but I will walk through  tall grasses like a deer walking and listening for his words, until I see my maker.deerI recommend that every person, believe or not, see this movie. If for no other reason than to make you think. I know it did me.


23 thoughts on “Is Heaven For Real

  1. I could not make it without him. Our world is getting messier each day and He makes life worth living and I too look forward to what’s to come in Heaven with our Father…


      • Many times I make a comment to how the world is getting worse and thank God for the age I am. I don’t want to have to see even worse changes. To know I will go to heaven and be free from this is worth every trial I walk through. Thanks Mother Hen!


    • Amen to that my friend. We think alike and we shall be so happy and worry free if we can just carry our faith and get through this part of our life. Thank you


  2. I watched this movie tonight too!! Loved it! Even though I believe in God and feel that we go to a better place when we pass away, I of course have my doubts as I’m only human. This movie reminded me that we must hold onto Faith and Hope when we can’t always see things with the naked eye. Got chills many times during the movie so I am going out to buy the book tomorrow to read. 🙂

    I also looked up Akiane Kramarik’s story, the little girl who painted the portrait of Jesus, ‘Prince of Peace’ at the age of 8 years old. You should read her story, if you haven’t already, and look at her absolutely beautiful, stunning paintings that she says are inspired by God.

    Thank you Terry for sharing your thought’s on this wonderful movie!

    Chatycat xo


    • Thanks for telling me about the book about the 8 year old. It has to be a fabulous book. The movie made me think more than anything. I am a doubting Thomas as many are. Can we believe in something we can’t see? I always say Al went to heaven, why do I say that? Because I carry my faith. I believe we are placed here for a specific reason and it has to do with God’s work. So glad you enjoyed the movie too


  3. Heaven is real Terry, happy and blessed are those who are given a glimpse in this life, but more blessed, Jesus says are those who believe but have not seen. It is treasure hidden in the field of our heart, happy are those who find it and know its worth..God who gives this gift of faith, never asks for it back, he asks only that we recognise its value and enjoy it and the Giver.


  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Terry. Hoping to see this movie soon. As for me, without God I’m sunk. He is my everything. Thankful He loves someone like me who doesn’t deserve it. Have a good evening my friend!


  5. Be assured, Terry. The Bible makes it clear that heaven is indeed a place where God wipes away all tears; where we will enjoy His presence for all eternity. In Romans 5: 13 we are assured that sin is not imputed where there is no law. In other words, where there is no understanding of sin, God does not require penalty. I believe Al is with the Savior. Right now.


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