shoes 2



Shoes, just plain old shoes

What’s in a pair of shoes you ask

Why these are the last things I bought

The last thing Al asked for

The last thing we argued about

As his toes would no longer

Stretch out to wear them

Of all my possessions I own

Nothing can make me cry

Easier than these shoes

These wonderful

Shoes full of memories

Al able to talk to me

Al able to make decisions

Al able to recognize

On his last few months

When he could no longer speak

No longer eat

No longer decide

When all he could do is

Feel pain through and through

These shoes sat at the foot

Of his bed with hope carried

That maybe, just maybe

A miracle would appear

And Al once again

Could wear them  again

Are these for sale?

Hell no, they are priceless

Take what you want

Steal from me blind

Accuse me of having

Something you want

But don’t take his shoes

Don’t take my spirit

Don’t take my memories.

I love you Al, dear brother

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


8 thoughts on “SHOES AND MSA

  1. It is amazing the significance a pair of shoes can have. Your brother has gone to a better place and we will all follow in his footsteps someday. Food for thought. Thanks for sharing. Don’t give up those shoes. Perhaps in some way those shoes were for you my friend.


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