Food For Thought

I am watching 60 Minutes on TV. It is fascinating as I watch how planets are formed. I had this plum-crazy idea.

What if the skies, the highest that any object or naked eye could see was really the heavens? Where God watches over his loved ones and his universe, at the same time. What if, the stars we see twinkle are really our loved ones who have left this earth and are watching over us?

Just food for thought, a crazy idea, but in my pea-sized brain, a fascinating idea. The show said there is sugar and alcohol in the skies.

God made the world in less than a week. What if he didn’t waste a thing? What if he used the same ingredients to make the heavens as he did for us to be able to live here on earth? Again, food for thought.

God is amazing. Our world is amazing. How babies are made is miraculous. We shall never have the capacity to understand how this world really works. How God could put things in place and form a living, breathing form for billions of people to thrive on for years and years.  Is it any wonder that all he ask of us is to follow him and love him?

dwarf-planetstwinkle starsstar--background-seamless-repeating1

8 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. The Lord certainly works miracles…. one of the greatest examples is when He simply spoke the world into existence and created all things in just 7 days! What a display of His greatness and power! Lord bless you Terry.


  2. The vast universe has also intriqued me – I cannot even begin to understand the miracle of creation other than God did indeed create a beautiful world in which we live and this infinite universe that is full of mystery.


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