How Would You Help?

I was watching the news tonight. There was a highlight of a couple of guys in my area who just felt led to make positive changes in our country. They were in college but dropped out and gathered their buddies and formed ARk,  This stands for Acts of Random Kindness.

More and more I am seeing children and young adults doing the Paying it Forward good deed. Oprah started it back in 1996 and I believe it is still working today.

It warms my heart that people are doing this. I have stated more than once that news and newspapers highlight the bad of each day. I would rather hear about the good things happening around the world. It helps me to keep the faith to know there are still decent people right in our own neighborhood.

Oprah gave each audience member $1000.00. With this money, each guest had to spend it on helping another person. So my question to you is; if you were given this large amount of money, how would you help someone else?US-$1000-LT-1878-Fr-187a











11 thoughts on “How Would You Help?

  1. I think I would probably set up a free shop with toys for disadvantaged children. Its not as if I haven’t done similar things before. Just not on such a grand scale.


  2. I would help the elderly by giving 10 $100 each to help with the things their food stamps and medical do not cover. What is sad is that even $1000 does not go far in this great nation of ours.


  3. I would use the money to buy basic toiletries/food/water for the homeless that stay at a park on the other side of town. So sad that anyone in this country has to live like that. No reason for it.


    • What a wonderful idea. I would not have thought of that. Those simplicities are so needed and yet out of their reach. You are right there is no sense in homelessness but it is definitely real. Thanks for a great comment


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