My Friend, Al Forbes

My wonderful friend, Al Forbes had a great inspirational post this morning. For some reason it just hit me at the right time of my life; or I finally paid attention. We hear so much about life is what you make it, or if you want to change things, make the change.

I think these are very good inspirational quotes but are most things that happen in our lives happening because of our own choices? Sometimes, but then there are moments when life is out of our control.

What about that nasty co-worker, or maybe the kids down the block who seem to never be supervised, or the deer that suddenly appeared out of no where. There are plenty of instances when we can actually say it is not of our own choosing.

For me, I have a nasty habit of wishing. I am trying to learn from my friend, Al Forbes, that living in the past is  not really a good idea. My only defense on this is; it is hard to let the past rest when it is constantly being brought to surface, but I am working on it, as I know my life will be more calm.

What interested me today in his post was a remark he made. Accepting, to accept that when things are bad, they will get better, and when things are good, don’t expect it to stay that way.

I instantly looked at myself and where I am at right now. My moving brings pain to my heart as I am already missing my children and grandchildren that I will leave behind. So I need to remember, it won’t hurt forever. I will be back for visits. I will always love my children no matter where I live. I don’t see them all the time now so maybe when I do see them we shall appreciate even more our times together.

I can now see that the pain and void I feel for my brother’s death will subside. This is a bad time I am going through emotionally, but it will get better. Instead of me letting my feelings get me to the point of sometimes feeling ill, maybe I should feel what I feel and live it instead of stressing why I am not healed from his death yet; it will come.

So, in the end, I just want to thank you Al Forbes for opening my eyes and allowing me to understand that; this too shall pass and I am going to face the ups and downs of life because I am living life.


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17 thoughts on “My Friend, Al Forbes

  1. I’m touched. Thank you Terry, and I am so glad I was able to help. When I randomly clicks a link from one of my old posts yesterday and went to the “ten years from now” post you did last year, it made me think and that may well have been what made me think of this. I never what I am going to say until I start writing it. So I am glad I was able to help you today Terry. Thank you


  2. Like you I have to work hard to stay out of the past.
    Today gets so overwhelming at time with all that is on my plate I am either in the future worrying about what has not happened, or may even never happen, or in the past when times were easier, that today is passing me by in a hurry.
    The small amount of overwhelmed I am getting hit with today os what i am allowing to steal my joy form me and overshadowing the rest of todays sunshine so I.
    I needed to read what Al had to say and Ty for the link.


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