You Are the Stars in This Short Story Book, Congratulations

Well my friends, my cook-out for today, Sunday is over. It was very good. Part of the family came for the cook-out and the other half came at supper and ate the left-overs. I got compliments on my cooking over the open fires and I saw some had more than one, more than two plate fulls. This always makes the chef feel all warm inside.

I told you that I was going to write a little short story book and I wanted you to be a part of it and so this is my story with you being the stars.

The choices you had to place your opinion and recipe were divided into three groups. Meats, veggies and desserts. I tried to use what you stated by adjusting for the taste buds of people whom would be here. I kept pretty much to the main plan though.

I want to thank;

She suggested ice-cream.

I used her idea but added it to another idea.

Her About me page says:

I’m a housewife and hope to share my inspirations in my daily walk with Lord Jesus Christ and my own feelings.

My hobby is listening to music, watching movies and dramas, read comics, and drawing.

I enjoy watching Asian movies and dramas such as Hong Kong, Japanese, and Korean productions.

Beach is a place where I can feel at peace and to know God’s creation and His mighty hands.

Inspiration comes through my emotions and when I am pursuing my hobbies.

How I wish my Song Lyrics can become a song. And I wish to learn piano, but I don’t have the time as now I have a baby.

Since most of my inspiration are inclined in my faith in Lord Jesus Christ, my posts can be found at Daylight Tune Ministries.

I envy Yoshiko because she does not read cook books. She watches others and then cooks. This takes talent that I do not have. Her suggestion was Udon. I did not know what that was since it was not American food so I looked it up and this is what I learned.

Udon is both the name used for a specific type of Japanese noodle, and for dishes made with that noodle. Across Japan, these dishes are quite varied, from a plain quick snack to a complex dish with a wide assortment of ingredients. Many Asian markets carry udon, along with supplemental ingredients which can be used to make the dishes. It is also common to see a selection of Udon choices on the menu of a Japanese restaurant, and in Japan, it is ubiquitous at small roadside stands and shops. People can also make Udon at home, experimenting with an assortment of ingredients for their own unique takes on the classic dish.

The noodle is a thick wheat-based noodle which can be squared or round. As is the case with other noodles, udon will puff up when it is cooked, making the noodles even bigger, and very dense with a generally soft texture. The dried noodles can sometimes be found in coils, often with packets of seasoning or dressing to accompany the noodles once they are cooked. Dried noodles are also available in long sticks, like Italian pasta.

I didn’t make her Udon, but I did use pasta.

Yoshiko is a top-notch follower of mine and a good friend.

Julie’s About me page states:

My name is Julie and I live on a retired dairy farm in Western Australia. Early in 2012, my husband, Anthony, who has advanced Parkinson’s disease and prostate cancer, went into a nursing home for respite care while our teenage son, Ming, had spinal surgery for severe scoliosis. After the surgery, the room Anthony was in became available permanently and we made the difficult decision to take up the offer. Not long after that I decided to resign from my job of 20 years as a lecturer in English and Creative Writing at the local university.

As a way of brightening our lives up, I started accumulating a few birds, so this blog is about what has turned out to be a fantastic, often hilarious, sometimes poignant, adventure – about wings and things.

Julie suggest Damper. Now I don’t live in Australia so I had to look this up also.

Damper is a simple but tasty scone-like bread made from flour and water. It is usually cooked over an open campfire, and served with plenty of butter, and honey or golden syrup if one wishes.Damper became popular among people such as swagmen, stockmen and the gold diggers, as is was cheap and quick to make.

I didn’t make that but I did have buns, so this is an American bread.

I met Julie through her husband having Parkinson’s Disease and my brother having MSA. We have been constant friends for almost three years.

Sun’s Bio says;

Bio: I am enjoying old age and retirement with a digital camera. I am a full time caregiver for my husband who is disabled Nam Vet with insulin dependent diabetes, heart disease, frontal lobe dementia, schizoaffective disease with secondary bipolar, clinical depression and some anxiety disorders tossed in to make him interesting. This is my journey through the eye of my camera. I share my life with (besides my husband) the princess-hubbys companion cat and three guinea pigs. I am Mother, Grandmother and great grandmother. My life is definitely not boring.

I didn’t have fresh fruit; but I did have fresh veggies.

Sun leaves me very inspiring comments. I love reading her words.

Have you ever heard God speak to you? Have you ever felt a stirring within your soul, like the embers in a fire burning and igniting within you? Have you ever tried to smother that fire, to hold it back, only to feel a backdraft exploding within you because you just can’t hold it inside anymore?

If you want to learn more about my friend Cheryl, please read more information on her About page.

Cheryl suggested a Dessert Pizza. This sounded wonderful to me, but the people being here were more into the sugary desserts, so I added brownies and cheesecake.

Cheryl got me through many weak moments when my brother became so ill we knew there was no return to good health.

Brian says on his page;

Hi there. Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to look around here.

Make the most of your life – it’s a gift! You matter and God loves you more than you know. There is a good plan for you 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by.


Brian writes beautiful inspirational posts. I love reading them.

Brian suggested a lemon/lime chicken.

I did do chicken but adjusted it a little. I marinated chicken in Italian dressing overnight. Everyone thought it was so tasty over the open fires outdoors. I marinated ribs and pork chops in a Lowry’s bottled marinade and it was so yummy. It had that sweet and sour taste to it along with the smoke from the wood it was cooking over.

In one of her recent posts it starts out like this;

“Drop that!”

A shot reverberated across the tensed chamber, the walls and granite floor rippling in contradictory effects. Plaster filtered down through the air like strewn confetti that caught and glinted off the sun that shone through the enormous stained glass windows, shot off the ground and littered across the reposed bodies of those fearing for their precious lives; hands covered faces as various films of expressions rolled across it.

If you want to know more about the story be sure to check her site out.

She stated she hates to cook but she wanted to add laughter to the menu. I followed her instructions to the letter T. We had plenty of laughter which made for a great day.

Terry says in his About page;

I’m known to many as Terry, the nickname given by my parents. To some I’m known as Wil, derived from my middle name, William, which I gave myself as a pen name. While in the military I was called Robi, as was my father and his father before him. In the Peace Corps, serving in Southeastern Nigeria I was Obie, which means heart.

Born on a ranch in California, I lived in several states including Georgia, Kentucky, Kansas, as well as overseas Wales, Israel, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria, West Africa.

To read more about this wonderful blog, please follow the link.

Terry added his thoughts by suggesting Green Bean Casserole. I didn’t have the dish but I did cook fresh green beans with bacon and potatoes which turned out pretty darn good.

I can tell you personally that I know Marilyn. When Al was here, she and her husband drove from their hometown in Kentucky all the way up here to Indiana to meet Al and me. I like her from the very first words that came out of her mouth. Feel free to check out her blog. She is so artistic.

Marilyn suggested and Ice-cream sandwich dessert. I clicked on the link and when I saw it I knew I had to make it. The sad thing is I made it and put it in the freezer and then forgot to bring it out today. How embarrassing is this? I guess I will be the first to sample this.

Here is the link I went to for the recipe.

Here is a photo I took of this sweet dessert loaded with lots of calories. Click on the link to find all the goodies inside this recipe.


So my menu thanks to all of you was:


Chops, chicken and ribs along with brats

Pasta salad, seven-layer salad, macaroni and potato salad, fresh green beans cooked with bacon and whole red potatoes

Relish tray

Deviled eggs

Home-made macaroni and cheese



Brownies and the I forgot to pull the ice-cream dessert out of the freezer.

I want to thank all of you once again for helping me put this small book together about how to have a great cook-out on a tight budget. Shopping for meats on the off days helped so much. Buying fresh veggies this time of year was truly a snap.


ice cream dessert


Lies Can Be Beneficial

I was reading a blog post from my friend Julie. (

She blogged today about how she has come to the point where she has to lie to her husband, Ants, to save him confusion. Ants suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia.

I related to that easily. I used to have to lie to my brother, Al also. I hated it, I really did. All those seven years I took care of him while he suffered the effects of M.S.A. (Multiple System Atrophy) I never lied to him.

I waited until he was nearing the last two weeks of his life and then I began the lying process. Al fought going to heaven. It isn’t as if I decided he was going to heaven, or I was punishing him in any way because he wouldn’t pass into heaven.

Actually the only one who felt punished was myself. Doctors, ministers, and deep within Al and myself; we all knew his time was counted in hours. It may be five months since Al went to see Jesus; but believe me, it is like it was yesterday.

Al was worried about leaving me and his personal items. He fought through each day. He suffered from infections, holes in his ear and shoulder, high fevers, to remain here in his bedroom and with me by his side.

I began to tell him he could take everything he wanted to heaven with him. He had me get a piece of paper and a pen and he instructed me through mumbling of words what he wanted to leave me after he passed.

I explained that he was being very kind, but if he chose to change his mind, he could. Although Al could not write any longer, he insisted he sign his name to that piece of paper. With my help of placing the pen in his hand, and guiding gently, he made some marks on that paper. I knew after we completed his wishes, he did feel better. I still have that special signature yet today.

There came a point where the ministers had tried to encourage Al about how wonderful heaven was, but Al wouldn’t budge. One day the two of them told me to say anything to him that he may understand, so that he could be healed.

My heart stung, and the words tasted bitter on my tongue as I explained what finally Al understood and he felt comfortable enough to leave the sick body and go to heaven. If you remember or if you have never read my blogs, my brother was mentally challenged. I told Al, ” it will be like when we took your car to the shop to get its oil changed. You are going to do that too. You will leave, get a new body and then come back.”

I cried during those few words. It killed me knowing I was lying, but the reward was Al understood. I can remember clear as day his words to my statement. Is that all? That sounds pretty easy.

Within 24 hours, he passed. Oh how I miss him yet today. I realize two things. I.  I am not a good liar. My escape from being a liar is usually not to comment when placed in a position I may have to say something untrue. 2. Sometimes lies are beneficial. I know that in my brother’s case, it was suffering versus healing.Al and Rhino, Nov 1


Teen Pregnancy

I am watching this movie  on Hallmark called, Stalked at 17. It is a good movie; but then again most of this station’s movies are.

It brings a lot of thoughts to  my mind. A college age guy has a relationship that is fairly new when he impregnates her. Of course she is only 17. I think back to those days when I was that age and even earlier when I had feelings for boys.

It didn’t matter what family said, if I was in love, I was in love. I didn’t get pregnant at that early of an age, but in ways I understand how this happened between the two. A young lady wants to believe all the love-sick words that are whispered in her ear.

Of course there are those rare instances where life does work out between young people, but most of the time it doesn’t. I believe that a male and a female at this age want to prove they are worthy of love, and being loved and want to belong. They want something or someone that belongs totally to them.

Now that I am older, I can see clear the hardship that can be placed on the parents, the child and the grandparents. Many times today parents are bringing up their children’s children.

To make this movie more intense, the adult male is also messed up emotionally. He wants to belong so bad to someone. His mother is an alcoholic and is serving a number of years in prison for drug abuse. He has missed out on the love only a parent can provide.

It doesn’t really say how he has raised himself the past several years but it makes it seem like he raised himself from a teen forward. Once she tells her boyfriend she is pregnant, you can instantly for a short moment see the anger in his face. He changes quick to the happiest to-be dad and the two plan their lives together. I won’t go any further, in case you want to see this movie.

My thoughts are what would you do in this situation? Would you forbid your teen to see the father to be? Would you go so far as to get a restraining order? Would you threaten your teen to have an abortion? Would you consider booting her out of the family home?

What if you were the parents of the father to be? Would you force him to stand up and take it like a man? Would you consider driving the two teens as far apart as possible? Would you kick him out of the house?

Today, compared to when I was a teen, there have been many changes in how we look at teen pregnancy and how our teens act towards each other. When I was a teen, there was a certain fear of God that my parents placed in my head, that having sex was wrong unless you were married.

I am not saying I always obeyed their rules, I had boyfriends; but that fear of what my parents would do to me stood stronger than my so-called love for a guy when it came to undressing and laying with him.

There was no way I would even consider having relations with a guy when first meeting him. I got more excited about holding hands, love letters, or sitting close to each other, and of course that special kiss.

Today from what I have been asked by dating sites, it must be a common thing to have sexual relations on a first date. I still can not do this. I must have feelings for the guy and they don’t appear after a few dates. I guess I am old-fashioned?

The good thing today is there is no more hiding about ways to prevent pregnancy. Condoms are passed out freely. Classes are taught on what it details of being a young mommy or daddy.

The bad things that haven’t  changed is that we we are humans. We are still feeling the urges. We still have needs. Sad to say, the heat of the moment can block the brain of putting a condom on. Birth control pills have to be taken regularly and not only when it is thought of.

Like I said earlier, there is much to think about when parents find out their children are becoming parents.  I asked you earlier, what would you do if your kids came and told you they were going to have a baby?


Happy mother with newborn baby

Pains and Gains/ The Daily Post

Do you agree with Jane Fonda’s favorite exercise motto, “no pain, no gain?” Is it impossible to attain greatness without considerable hardship?


There are a few points to this question. Different ways to look at life, where you are at in it, and your health and contentment.

When I was in my twenties and beginning to raise my family I wanted to be like other moms. If there was talk about joining a friend or group to exercise, I was all for it and joined in.

We laughed at the end of the session as we limped or rubbed a sore body part. We knew we were tough and could endure the pain, stating to each other how out of shape we all were in.

We were more in tune with clothing. We squeezed our butts into tight-fitting jeans. Showing a little cleavage wasn’t a bad thing either; after all, everything stayed in place and perky.

Make-up on, hair always done, nails freshly polished; yes, pain for gain was absolutely worth it.

Last night I was sitting at the table with my friends at the Moose. We all ate supper together and then from the time we disposed of our plates we began our chatter. We thought nothing of our conversations. We spent more time laughing until our guts hurt and tears were rolling down our faces.

An hour or so of this passed, minutes ticking by, when we all began to notice how much sooner it is getting dark outside. One of my friends made a show-stopping comment and we all quit laughing.

Her words were, ” do you realize that all we have talked about is the amount of pain we are in”?

Those words hit me hard. We all looked at each other. I looked around at the people sitting near me. I fit in too well. I fit in the category of older people. I could tell by the conversations that we were all in the same boat with similar issues.

Some were speaking about how little time they had to themselves as they were caring for a parent. Others were speaking about how tired they were after still having to work too many hours in a week. Some faces reminded me of a person showing up to the dinner out of routine; but if they really thought about it, they would rather be home in their favorite chair, watching TV and nodding off and on.

My friends and I were doing the same thing, but we were still laughing about the pain we are going through, just like I did when I was in my twenties. The laughing stopped after my friend’s words. She continued on with, ” I want to talk about the weather, beautiful roses, the stars at night.”

Yes, that sounded so peaceful and enjoyable, but the truth is; it is hard to speak of those visions when pain interrupts our daily pain. The thought of real exercise brings a wrinkle to my face. A nice walk wouldn’t be bad, but I don’t want that terrible pain for gain feeling any longer.

I have issues with my Parkinson’s that I don’t like. There is no particular thing I do or not to bring it on. My muscles twitch. Sometimes it feels like little ants are crawling on my arms. I will look but see nothing, brushing off the invisible creatures.

When I walk I feel unsteady. The fear of falling drops the vision of  the wonderful time I have of taking a nice, long walk. My legs tremble when I move them. It just makes me feel weak all over.

Instead of thinking of enduring an exercise class, I am more in tune with what medications I can take to ease the pain. I ponder on giving into the tired feelings I have and take a nap. I don’t go out of my way anymore to do a lot of house cleaning all in one day like I used to. I do a little each day and sometimes if my pain is enough I will skip a day of cleaning.

I can look back now, as well as all of us sitting at that table and become a little sad at what we can’t do today that we did only ten years ago. The positive note in this though was sitting together and for a good amount of time, we laughed at each other for the pains we were enduring.

The best exercise for people at my age or with terminal illness is laughter. If we don’t laugh, we don’t live. My advice today is no more pain for gain. We should do what feels comfortable. Take a shorter walk, dance a slower dance, stay involved with family and friends; and lastly, enjoy each day like there is no more tomorrow.05-37 - Quirky



What did you dream of

When you were little

A fireman, a doctor

A ballerina, a judge

As you grew did

You keep that dream

Were you encouraged

Or did it fall behind

Drop to the floor

When you grew old

Did you look back

Was your past

What you wished

Or did you find

Something better

Or worse are you

Happy or sad

If you could

Would you change

Something you did

Or are you content

As you sit in your

Rocker and you

Look out the window

Are you smiling

Or are there tears

Falling gently

Down your face.

Life is what it is

We all aren’t perfect

We are actually

Right where we

Are supposed to be.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry

(Facebook page I manage)



Al Forbes Encourages Me When I Need It

I took a walk when I went to get my mail. I saw these and used my camera. I don’t know when I discovered I enjoyed a camera. I think it had something to do with being friends with Alastair Forbes, one of my friend bloggers.

Here is what I saw.

pink flower 3pink flowerpink flower 2


August Blues/ The Daily Post

As a kid, were you happy or anxious about going back to school? Now that you’re older, how has your attitude toward the end of the summer evolved?


I don’t know about you but I liked school. I missed my friends when summer arrived. I cried when I realized I would not see most of them for three months. Back in those days we were let out of school on Memorial day and returned the day after Labor Day.

I had a good time in the summers. I rode my bikebikes. I played with my dolls, 1960s-chatty-cathy-doll but in the end I couldn’t wait to go back to school.

When I became a mommy and was forced to send my kids one by one off to school, I cried.

I hated giving them to others who may not care for and love them like I did.

I didn’t want my kids learning bad stuff that I had cautiously kept them from seeing and hearing.

I looked forward to all breaks and vacations they had. I guess I was maybe considered an odd-ball as I loved my kids being home.

In the end, I saw myself loving school as a child, and not being that crazy about it when I became older.