Chubby Face Don’t Mean Big Bites

Today was a laid back day until this evening came. I had a garage sale with my friend in my neighborhood. I was able to dispose of some of Al’s clothing and a few knick knacks. The way I look at it is less things to put in the back of the truck on moving day.

It was late afternoon and the clouds roared in. We felt a few sprinkles and hustled like football players getting everything back under the garage; and then it did nothing else but those sprinkles. Oh well, tomorrow is another day for the sale and then it is final. Anything else I want to sell will be through my facebook page.

I came home tired. I am always tired. I need to take a nap every afternoon it seems. Once I hit that 60 year mark I felt like an old woman. I have the most energy in the mornings and then I crash. I took a few of the dollars I made and played it lazy for supper. I ordered a delivery for pizza.

Last night I had popcorn for the first time in years. I had noticed that the side of my face around my ear was starting to hurt. I remembered several months back I had the same problem on the opposite side.

I had went to the doctor and he said I had a tiny stone in my salivary gland. I took an antibiotic and it left but anytime I open my mouth very wide I will get a bit of swelling and pain; so I am usually very careful what size bites I eat.

Now the popcorn was eaten during Touched By An Angel. I doubt if I was observing my bites. I was more into the show and how good the junk food tasted. Towards the end of my two cups of treat, I noticed that familiar pain around my ear.

I instantly quit eating it, calling myself a piggy for not being careful how far I opened my big mouth. This morning my face hurt a little but I ate eggs so I didn’t do too bad. My stomach was so sick from having foreign food in it, aka popcorn, that I felt nine months pregnant. As soon as I ate breakfast I felt nauseated.

That continued throughout most of the morning and into the afternoon. I couldn’t eat lunch. You have to understand that my body lives pretty much on veggies, eggs or Cheerios. I don’t eat treats except once in a great while an ice-cream cone from McDonald’s or sunflower seeds, so popcorn was way out there. I  paid the price for it today believe me.

By supper I knew I had to take my diabetic medicine but wasn’t hungry but of course I ordered that pizza for one. I ate part of it and felt a heat rise in my cheek. I immediately stopped eating and checked my round, chubby face in the bathroom mirror.

Oh my, it was chubbier more than usual. Close to my ear and cheek were swollen. Being Friday night I didn’t want to  have a half-swollen face by morning like the last time so I got redressed and went to Med Stat.

The doctors are a little stumped as to why I continue to have these swollen glands. There is no evidence in the inner mouth, but you can feel the firmness and see the swelling in my cheek. They gave me Amoxicillin and said go ahead and go home.

So here I am once again having to admit that even though I have a round, chubby face, the mouth can only handle small bites at a time. I am back in my comfy bedclothes, typing out this and then on to play my addictive game of Candy Crush Saga. After I lose on that, which I am not complaining; after all I am on level 537, I will then take one of my antibiotics and head for bed to watch a lot Nick At Nite. Somewhere in the wee morning I will finally be tired and go to sleep, all ready to get up and have one more stab at the garage sale and my fresh, hot cup of coffee.

On the way home from the clinic I couldn’t help but stop on the side of the highway and take these two photos of the sun. You know me and my camera by now. We are best buds.


sun 3sun 4