Odd Trio Redux



Time for another Odd Trio prompt: write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.


Beth worked hard. She had been at her company for a year and a half. She had kissed butt, ran and got coffee, let remarks about her run over the top of her head. It paid off in time, she thought. One day her boss called her into his office.

She was a little nervous as she walked to the door and began to turn the door knob. You see, Beth, didn’t quite have it all together. She had been the child that wasn’t wanted. Her parents already had a handful of kids and not enough money to go around.

In their own special tongue wagging, they let her know several times they wished she hadn’t been born. If only Beth could have known when she was a child, that it wasn’t her fault. She had not asked to be born. As children we listen and we soak in our parents words.

We believe with an innocent mind and heart. Beth didn’t do bad during her school years. She could have done better but I believe, looking back; she was too nervous. She was too engrossed on making a good impression, of being a perfectionist, which no one can come close to.

In her high school years she finally turned the switch on and saw herself in a different mirror. She was looking at her future. She had taken her eyes off her parents and looked herself in the mirror. She gave it everything she got and made almost straight A’s during her last three years of school.

This got her into a tech school for business. She studied hard and took every class she could to work  her way into a good paying job. Upon graduation she was hired from the second business she had interviewed with.

She was happy but still carried a little of those insecurities from her past. She didn’t have to buckle down as hard as she did now that she had graduated and had a good job. It wasn’t long before old habits started coming back turning her into a door mat instead of an asset.

Fortunately for her; she had a very wise  boss. She turned the door knob and faced the man sitting in the big leather chair. He smiled at her. He got up and went over and closed the door giving them privacy. He told her to have a seat.

Her legs felt like jello as she made it over to an over-stuffed chair and sat down. ” You have been here a little over a year now Beth. How do you feel about the company? Do you feel like you are learning? Do you feel like you fit in?”

Beth cleared her throat and looked down at her trembling fingers and then back up at him. ” I really enjoy my position here. Everyone is very nice. Any time I have questions I always receive the answers I need. Yes, I like it here very much. Is there something I can do to improve myself?”

” I am glad you asked that question Beth. It gives me an opportunity to discuss it with you, how I feel about your working here. I, I mean the company has noticed your hard work. We see your eagerness to please and we take notice of how prompt you are at arriving and getting your task done each day. But you throw off a feeling, a fog, that makes it hard to get to know you. You are a part of this family. You are a part of this team. I want you to quit trying so hard Beth. You are already doing a wonderful job and we are very  proud of you.”

Beth had never heard those words before and she thought maybe she might be dreaming. ” Beth, you worked hard to get where you are today. The best of grades, good recommendations, why are you over doing it?”

Beth once again looked down at her lap. She didn’t know what to say. ” Beth, not every family is perfect. Not every parent is born a parent. Parents do the best they can in the situations they are placed. You need to let it go Beth, let it go; and realize you are you. You are not anyone else. I want you to do me a big favor. Take this and go home and pack.”

Beth took the envelope and opened it up. Staring at the words she stood and shook hands with her boss. Tears flowed as she was released from the guilt she had carried for so many years. She told him, ” Thank- you, thank you very much for your belief in me. I will go now.”

Less than 24 hours later, she was lying on a chaise lounge, swimsuit and a pair of flip-flops, raising her glass to someone old and wise, as she began her vacation of  celebrating her new life. She smiled as she tasted the first bite of the  white cake with butter cream frosting and pink flowers that had been waiting in her room for her.

Businesswoman enjoying beautiful beach

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