The Spring in My Chick is Golden

I fell asleep last night too early. I kept waking up throughout the night, ready to get up but forcing myself to go back to sleep. Finally at 7 this morning, I gave myself permission to get out of bed. I made fresh coffee and fried up some bacon.

snatching a few pieces of bacon while I was cleaning and cutting up some cabbage, onion and fresh tomatoes, I finally had it all placed in the crock pot along with my favorite spices and woo-hoo, supper is going to be ready when I am.

I love it when I get up bright and early. My neighbors are either still sleeping or being very quiet and no screaming kids racing up and down the streets. Silence is golden.

I have certainly changed through the years. It used to be the first thing I did was let my feet touch the floor and my fingers turn the music on. I couldn’t get myself going until I heard the beat of the music. There are many times I still feel like I am in my thirties mentally, but there are times I do feel my age.

I have been packing and I can’t believe how painful it is to my joints and how much it drains me. This has to be old age, right? I don’t blame anyone for how I feel, but I do believe one hundred percent that my body went through a hidden work-out that I didn’t recognize when I was caring for Al, and I just never got it back to the way it was seven years ago.

Mental stress, worrying, and the caring for others somehow catches up with a person once that task is completed. I still have many days where I would prefer to sleep late, become too restless to sleep at night so end up being a night owl, and really want nothing to do with anything during the waking hours.

Alas though, there are days like today when I feel like a spring chicken and I have some get up and go juice, ready to attack the world. I still have pain in my gland area. I wont continue to explain about that since I did talk to you last night on the topic. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon.

Today is the last day of the garage sale. I will spend some time with the lady actually running it. There is nothing driving me crazy to be home to watch on TV. After all, it is Saturday and we know what Saturday shows bring through the day; cartoons and sports. Blah to both I say. I am not interested in either type.

So I asked God to show me what he gave me another chance to do for him this morning so we shall see if I recognize my task. Other than that, it is a laid back, goof off, pack another box day. Have a great Saturday my friends.






spring chicken

11 thoughts on “The Spring in My Chick is Golden

  1. yes age does bring aches and pains with it and slows us way down.
    Hope your move goes smoothly and ends up being a blessing.


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