Thoughts For Today

I turned away from placing my Dumbo ears to the TV news each day. It wasn’t because it scared me so much, although that is a partial reason, but it is depressing to me. With my healing process of losing my brother; I don’t need any extra depression in my life.

The days of the hippie, free and caring, the world is a pretty place, flowers in our hair, pot everywhere are gone. I am not saying I experienced any or all of this but I do remember thinking the world is round. The world is full of possibilities; the world is full of love.

I don’t think it is totally a fact that my age has changed my views on those hippie days, but more a realization that the world is not all about flowers; but it is all about love.

As I read the postings on Facebook, or even play with Google search, highlights show over and over our world still has happy moments; but is crumbling around us. Fighting among countries, families being separated, children raising themselves, murder is as easy as pulling the trigger.

This country was built and stood on our love for God, our neighbors, and looking out for each other. This part of our world is being tarnished by the evil in our world. Today it is more about survival, hurt those who hurt us, take from others what we think we deserve.

What do we deserve? Do we have the right to call each day our own? Do we dare count on tomorrow? In my opinion, no, we do not. We are not our own boss, God is our teacher. He is our leader, the all-knowing. He knows which minute is our last. He knows the errors of our ways. He knows our heart.

I can not even say today what I used to say, which was; with enough people gathering together we can make the world a better place. Why? because I am not sure it is supposed to be a better place. Many people believe the world is coming to a point where Jesus will come back. I also believe this but have no knowledge of when.

Although I am smart enough to know from reading Revelations that many verses state what we are living today, we as believers of God must pray not that the world will get better; but that all shall have the opportunity to make that most valuable choice of walking with God or not.

We must be thankful for each day we are given. We should pray a huge thank-you for each gift we are given. We are not in charge of our days, but we can help by pulling together, helping others and loving all, period. We can be a huge marble of support for each other.

Yesterday, Ute, a blogging friend of mine gave me an idea and I actually loved it. There is much confusion we live with today, but I do remember clearly when I was a child going to the giant swings at the park. I remember how free I felt swinging as high as I could. I remember feeling the breeze going through my hair, laughing and giggling while mom and dad pushed me. I am going to go do this. I am going to get some of that free feeling of being a kid again, while the grown-up part of me keeps an eye on my reasons for existence and I prepare for what is to come.