This Parkinson’s Disease can get on my nerves. My left arm and hand seems to have a mind of its own when I am lifting something or trying to use my fingers to eat. I find myself dropping so many things. I think I have a grip on something and yet watch it slide out of my fingers as if they were butter.

I will not complain though. My brother, Al, had Parkinson’s along with his MSA. He suffered zillions of times more than I am, so I just have to figure out how to use my other arm better. Isn’t it a hoot that I am left-handed and this is the arm that is affected first.

Last night as I was fixing my supper I think I dropped silverware at least twice and a pan once. I will be glad to get the last box packed and am settled in my own place with everything put away. I am not sure with this disease if it is more important to keep using the bad arm or to try to adjust to the other. I am sure moving boxes from room to room don’t help.




When you think you

Know it all

And you got

The game just right

Along will come

A glitch that will

Bring to you a fight

There is no blame to place

No one said that

Life was fair

It just means I

Have to be strong

And keep my

Head held high

For this is nothing

Compared to

Losing my own life.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



night flower



You’re Only As Young As You Feel

People may comment about; you are only as young as you feel, but I am here to tell you there is more to that statement. It has to do with so many variables. How well is our nutrition? How is our health? Do we get enough sleep?

I can remember being 17 and working at a fast food restaurant. I would go to school, then to work at 5pm and work until 10pm. I would get off and go run around with my friends or maybe spend the night. Of course I stayed up late, too late by my standards now.

The night before last I took my daughter-in-law to the ER. We didn’t get there until around midnight. I had just taken my hair down and was in my comfy sleep clothes when the phone rang. I instantly threw back on my clothes and went and picked her up. We never got home until about 5am in the morning.

I felt bad for her because although she left feeling much better than she arrived at the ER, she has a four-month old to care for. I came home and stayed up for about a half hour and then crashed. The next morning I woke up at my usual time. I felt like I had been run over by a Mack truck.

Since I am a diabetic I knew I had to take my medications and eat something. I hate to eat when I am tired. Food is the last thing on my mind, so I did it the easy way. I had a bowl of Cheerios and then went back to bed and watched TV for a while. I kept thinking about the things I should be doing and that I needed to get some milk to replace the spoiled in the fridge.

I never made it though. I stayed in bed off and on for the better part of the day hours. Even after many naps I was still ready to go back to sleep at my normal bedtime; which I did. Today I got up feeling like the dog from old TV shows, Rin Tin Tin. I was raring to go.

I spoke to my daughter for a while and cleaned out under the sink in my brother’s bedroom. Yes, each day I make a nice effort at packing. It is much easier for me to do some each day rather than wait like I used to when I was younger until the last two weeks.

I finally made it to the store, and on my way out to the car I looked up at the skies. Holy Crap, where did that come from? Well, this is Indiana, where weather changes hour to hour sometimes. I had to snap a photo, but you knew I would.

So as you can see I am living proof that you don’t always feel as young as you feel, because yesterday I felt like I was 98.