Strangers In The Night





Strangers In The Night



Walking down my street

Feeling lonely and blue

And then I felt your stare

And I turned and it was you


Turning away and walking

Forgetting about  your face

I felt a tug on my coat

I turn and see you in my space


Saying nothing but stepping in line

We walk together, rhyming in time

Then you take my hand in yours

And we walk so intertwined


We stop under the beaming light

Our faces turn towards the other

I feel it in my heart

I want you for my lover


You sense what I feel

We walk to my front door

You take my key and open it

To a land of never more.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd


10 thoughts on “Strangers In The Night

      • Terry – Your title caught me. Strangers In The Night is one of the first songs Tom and I danced to on the night we met all those years ago and with your title, how could I not read. Your post came through my reader and I was so glad to see you there. Your poem is one of your best. You will enter it into a contest won’t you?
        You may not know, Tom had emergency heart surgery in early June, and now that he’s started Cardio rehab, he’s making real progress. Don’t be a stranger, ok.
        I have a post I’ve been thinking about doing for a long time (a romantic post) surrounding the night Tom and I met. The essence is we were a blind date but we both fell in love the first night and have remained in love for almost 35 years now. On that first night, Tom and I stopped at Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch in Carmel, CA and a jazz rendition of Strangers In The Night was playing. Tom turned to me and said, “We’re Not Strangers Are We.” Terry, I had been down trodden for so long and here was this handsome man that wanted to spend time with me and he was intelligent and a gentlemen, so kind and I could go on forever. Anyway, what I was wondering if I gave you proper credit, would you consider allowing me to use your poem as a one time lead-in to the story I would like to write. You would have first right of refusal if you didn’t like how I used it in my story. You’ll also own the copyright. I’ll wait until I hear from you. Sheri


      • Of course you can use my poem my friend. Your story is beautiful and I will be anxious to read it. I knew of Tom’s surgery and am so thankful he is progressing. I have struggled since Al’s death and to help myself heal, I have sold my home and am moving near my daughter in KY. I will be leaving sadness behind but taking the wonderful memories of him with me. I don’t seek and yet I seek God to help me find a suitable guy to have for a companion. I pray he answers me with what I want to see before I end up in my own rocking chair. I care for you so much and have been fortunate enough to be able to label us as more than blogging associates; but more as friends. God bless and let me read your new post! Hugs


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