My Evening Spent

Not that I have worked my fingers to the bone from morning until night; but I was sick of packing. Maybe there was a tinge of excitement  from the signing of the paper work today. A little bit of sadness from leaving part of my family behind, and some anxiousness about what I am about to walk into in the next chapter of my life.

For what ever reason I needed a break. I walked down and got the mail and on the way back I stopped at a friend’s house and asked her if she would like to run to the Dairy Queen with me. She said sure so I came home and got my car and went and picked her up and off we went.

I know I am not supposed to have those goodies that this ice-cream shop specializes in, so when the guy asked, ” What can I get you”? , my head spun as I wanted a Peanut Buster Parfait so bad but I didn’t want to deal with a high rise in my sugars so I stayed true to my Diabetes and got a sugar-free buddy bar on a stick.

It had 24 carbs in it so that wasn’t terrific, but it had very little sugar. I enjoyed the chocolate covered ice-cream to the last drop. We talked for about an hour and then it began to get dark. Since I don’t see well at night we headed home.

When I dropped her off she gave me some more empty boxes. She works in a place where boxes are free and plenty. She has saved me so many hours of driving and going to stores at odd hours to pick up boxes, and I constantly thank her every time she makes a drop here for me.

When I let her out and the car was loaded down I came home. Upon taking the boxes inside the house I couldn’t help but notice the big, full moon. After the last box was inside I grabbed my camera and went back out. I could not get too many shots as the mosquitoes were trying to carry me off; but here is what I did get. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them for you.

moonlight 2moonlight 3moonlight 4moonlight 5

Trailers For Sale



Well today it is official. I received monies for my trailer. It is sold, a done deal, unless God strike me down with lightning.lightening 2

No, I am not afraid of this. I prayed to God about the selling of my home remember? I knew that if it went smooth and I was able to find a new home, then it was from God; and this is the way it has happened so far.

The lady moving into it next month is a sweet lady. We could have been friends forever it seemed under any other circumstances.

All day until she arrived I was trying to straighten up the house as good as I could considering the house is a mess from packing. Shouldn’t it look more tidy the more I pack away? You would think so but it actually looks less than I like it.

I have always been a neat and tidy gal. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Now there are boxes in both bedrooms, and empty boxes ready to use in my brother’s bathtub. If a peeper broke into my house wouldn’t he be shocked when he pulled the shower curtain back and instead of seeing my cute, little, body, (cough, cough) he would pee his pants from fright seeing all those boxes?man with wet pants Well anyways, the house was tidy as possible  when she arrived. We sat down and chatted for about an hour. All paper work is signed and my smile was my stamp of approval. Lucky for me the new home I am going to move into next month, my daughter and her hubby are going to have it made a little more personal for my personality when I get there. Yes, life is looking up. I had the dream of where Al was standing at the foot of my bed, smiling and handing me clothes to pack up, so I have his approval. My kids seem alright with my decision. My kids are also pitching in and helping my move to be a smooth one. Now I guess I better get my rear in gear and keep on packing. So as the song goes, trailers for sale? Not this one, any





Around the world

Is it round

Or is it square

Do you know

When you are

Standing there

Going this

Way or that

Here and there

A little of everywhere

Lives so busy

And so full

Walking, driving

Maybe we are

Upside or

Right side up

Around the

World we go

Come on friend

Come on let’s go.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd




It is no one’s fault that the sun was shining when I awoke this morning or that I carried a heavy heart within a half hour of rising. Anyone and everyone who knows me remembers that my brother, Al suffered terribly from a disease called MSA, (Multiple System Atrophy).

It is on my mind daily and I am still battling the mourning process. What is mourning process you may ask? It is more than just realizing that someone dear to you has passed on from this world. It is a living process that for me has affected my soul and my physical body.

The mourning can rule your life if you are not careful and there are times that I don’t care if I am careful or not. It is a strong feeling that determines if I eat or not. If I leave my house or not. The smiles that I once wore disappeared; but are slowly returning.

I was Al’s caregiver and sister for seven years. It took a toll on my soul and body in a different way than it did Al’s. He is at peace now while I am struggling through dark days trying to find that brighter light.

When one experiences a very rare disease, you tend to seek out others who are suffering from it also. In this process we go towards the links that bind us together as a family unit; trying to hold onto our faith and hope. We lean on each other through tears and our personal fears of losing our loved ones.

I belonged to several groups on Facebook that dealt with MSA. There were support groups, and even groups for angels of MSA. Throughout these past several months I have come to know many families, caregivers, wives and husbands who had loved ones suffering the same illness as Al.

It was with a huge sigh of sorrow and heavy tears that I learned of one of my very dear friends that her husband passed away from this tragic illness early this morning. I felt like I was reliving Al’s death all over again.

I knew without a doubt some of Carole’s feelings that she must be living right this moment. My heart bleeds and my thoughts are with her today more than ever. It seems that at least one person each week on an average pass away from this world of this disease.

For me, I have been toying around with my writing. While waiting for my book called, Al His Life and MSA, to be finished in the editing department, I write about nothing. I focused so long on him and his health and making sure that he was as happy and content as possible, I now no longer know what to write about. Poetry seems to be a place I find comfort. Poetry allows you to bring your feelings to the table without actually saying your own name.

I will never forget those who have died from MSA, along with my brother. I still continue to read many comments on the MSA sites. I try to help when I am questioned from other members on what they are experiencing.

The above link I placed here for you to read if you wish. It will always hold my interest until they find a cure for what now has none.

Retired Microsoft, NeXT and Oracle Executive Becomes First-Ever Patient Appointed to Multiple System Atrophy Coalition Board

Tom Looney, diagnosed with MSA in 2008, worked closely with tech industry icons, including Steve Jobs. His unique experiences and talents will now be utilized to represent patients and increase awareness for this rare and terminal neurological disorder.


Recently, celebrity chef and famed restaurateur, Kerry Simon, announced his own battle with MSA, in connection with a major MSA fundraiser held in his honor at the Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas.


It doesn’t stop. The creature MSA continues to attack anyone. There is no eliminating process. I pray and carry faith that one day this will be cured and no one will ever have to suffer like my brother did.


My brother’s last shoes. His last chance at making decisions. These were our hope that he would love much longer than he did.

shoes 2