My Evening Spent

Not that I have worked my fingers to the bone from morning until night; but I was sick of packing. Maybe there was a tinge of excitement  from the signing of the paper work today. A little bit of sadness from leaving part of my family behind, and some anxiousness about what I am about to walk into in the next chapter of my life.

For what ever reason I needed a break. I walked down and got the mail and on the way back I stopped at a friend’s house and asked her if she would like to run to the Dairy Queen with me. She said sure so I came home and got my car and went and picked her up and off we went.

I know I am not supposed to have those goodies that this ice-cream shop specializes in, so when the guy asked, ” What can I get you”? , my head spun as I wanted a Peanut Buster Parfait so bad but I didn’t want to deal with a high rise in my sugars so I stayed true to my Diabetes and got a sugar-free buddy bar on a stick.

It had 24 carbs in it so that wasn’t terrific, but it had very little sugar. I enjoyed the chocolate covered ice-cream to the last drop. We talked for about an hour and then it began to get dark. Since I don’t see well at night we headed home.

When I dropped her off she gave me some more empty boxes. She works in a place where boxes are free and plenty. She has saved me so many hours of driving and going to stores at odd hours to pick up boxes, and I constantly thank her every time she makes a drop here for me.

When I let her out and the car was loaded down I came home. Upon taking the boxes inside the house I couldn’t help but notice the big, full moon. After the last box was inside I grabbed my camera and went back out. I could not get too many shots as the mosquitoes were trying to carry me off; but here is what I did get. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them for you.

moonlight 2moonlight 3moonlight 4moonlight 5

17 thoughts on “My Evening Spent

  1. Beautiful pictures Terry! The full moon up here in Toronto is really bright tonight because the skies are perfectly clear! Was a crazy day for me tho….don’t know if the full moon had anything to do with it, LOL!!!!

    Cathy x


  2. Moving is always an ordeal – no matter where you’re going. Upheaval, anxiety, excitement, turmoil – but no matter where you go, you will always be under the same moon. That comforts me.


    • This is true. It is hard to imagine that all of us in the world see the same moon. I am also thankful that just because I am moving, WP will still be here along with you and all my friends. Hugs


  3. having never moved very far and actually only a few times locally…I’m a little envious in your adventure!…but, packing just blows my mind with all we have accumulated…Good for your friend keeping you in boxes…and I would have went for the parfait!…no willpower!


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