Just a Short Bitch Session, Yes, I am Entitled Once a Week

No matter how many times I place my home and cell phone on the DO NOT CALL LIST, I realize day-to-day that it doesn’t work.




Every day for the last few months I get at least two solicitor phone calls on my home phone and one on my cell. I just have come to the point, I check to see who called and if it is a non-recognizable number I don’t answer.hello

There are days though that I just want to scare the pants off these weirdos and muster up my very masculine voice and speak to them. I want to squish them like a bug.

Now I am not against anyone but one day and let me be honest, today was that day, that I received my second call. It is 2pm and I had just had it. I was too weak  to let the phone ring. I didn’t want to pick up the phone and slam it down. Instead I answered it in a foreign voice. I tried my best to make the caller believe I couldn’t understand English.

So the call went like this.


Hello, this is blah, blah, blah about your computer



I will only take a few of your moments


Then that ass had the nerve to mock me.


Hellooo, him


Hellooo, him

I wanted to reach through the phone and squeeze his voice box, for laughing and mocking me. If he only knew that I could understand every word he was saying; but instead I placed the phone on the cradle and walked away. Dirty sucker. I will get you the next time!





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