Wagon Wheel Playhouse, Warsaw, Indiana



Tonight I was invited by a friend to go see a new play at the Wagon Wheel Playhouse. I am really getting spoiled at seeing these. The one tonight was titled Marvelous Wonderettes. You can click on the link I provided you and get a glimpse of what I saw.

The Wagon Wheel is a round theater where professional singers and actors come from all over and perform musicals and plays. I have loved each of them but the one tonight was freakin awesome! I guess I was more partial to it because the  music was from the fifties.

Some of the songs that were sung for my entertainment  were Stupid Cupid, Lipstick On Your  Color, Lollipop and Dream Lover. The costumes were to die for. I loved all of it. I hope I get to enjoy one more performance before I leave this area. Yes, there is no other like the Wagon Wheel.

I met my friend at her house and she took me on to the play. I just can’t see well enough at night so driving two miles in the dark is much better than eight. While she was finishing getting ready I went out back in her yard and took these two photos. Yes, tonight was awesome. These are memories I shall tuck deep inside so when I am in my rocker I can think back to this moment.

Abbyabby 2


Book Signing

I am so excited, I just had to share with you, my friends. In my city, once a month there is a function that  happens called First Friday. Sometimes I go, when Al was here we went every month.

There was an ad in the local newspaper today. They were looking for local authors to set-up and sell and sign books they had published. I checked into it and was told they would love to have me be a part of it.

On September 5th, you will see me sitting under a tent with some of my books all ready to sell and sign. Yippee!!!!!

Mystery of The Blondes

It was a sick love affair. The only connection between the two was between the sheets and gambling. Stella walked through the front door after kissing her husband goodbye on  his way to work. The routine was that under the housecoat she was fully dressed, ready to go meet her lover and spend seven glorious hours with John.

John, in my opinion was a no good womanizer out to use who ever he could for a few cheap thrills. John had never been married. He did have a few kids floating around the world, but he never saw them. He always managed to skip town once he heard the word pregnant.

Now he was hidden away in a posh hotel in California. He made his big bucks from knowing the tricks of gambling and he celebrated his wins with beautiful, blonde babes. When Stella walked through that front door she didn’t meet John with a pouty kiss. She instead saw a beautiful blonde sitting on the side of the king size bed.

She looked the lady over with a two second glance, noticing the breasts that were about to fall out of her dress. In the other woman’s hands she saw a gun. ” Where’s John? What did you do to him? Did you kill him?”

” No honey, I am from the management of this joint. A call came in about a half an hour or so ago that he needed room service. I knocked but no one answered so I used my card to get in and this is what I found.”

” Well why are you holding the gun? Did you call the police? What’s your name by the way?” Stella went closer and leaned over those milky white bosoms and looked at her name tag. ” Veronica, that’s your name doll? Well, did you call the police yet?” Veronica threw the gun down on the bed as if she was holding a rattler. She began to sob loudly. ” No, no I haven’t called the police. I told you, I just got here only minutes before you did. By the way, who are you?”

” It don’t matter who I am. You don’t need to worry your pretty little blonde head off, call the police.”

” I, I can’t, you call them, I am just a wreck. I couldn’t begin to talk to a stranger sounding like this. I have to go, yes, I have to go. I need to get myself composed.” With that Veronica got up and sobbed her way out of the door leaving Stella standing there trying to figure out what to do.

Should she make that call? What if they suspected  her? Cops always suspected the one who calls. She didn’t have the cleanest record on earth. She had been picked up once before for shoplifting and a few months back she was caught in the back seat of a car with another man.

If she picked up that phone she would leave her fingerprints on it. She stared at the gun and then it dawned on her, where was John. She walked into the bathroom and there he lay on the floor. His eyes were bugged open. He was laying on his back and blood was spilling on the floor.

Stella leaned over the toilet and vomited. She had never seen a dead person. They look so, well they look so darn dead. She turned and fled back to the front door and ran out. Leaning against the wall she tried to catch her breath. She tried to get her heart beat to slow down. She hadn’t done anything wrong. She hadn’t pulled the trigger, but she was there.

Stella wiped the tears from her eyes and straightened her hair with her fingers. She started to walk away when a cop appeared. ” I don’t think you are going anywhere mam. Is your name Stella More? Let’s go back inside the room. We need to talk.”

Stella turned and walked slowly back inside. The cop shut the door behind him. ” I remember you Stella. You are the one I caught in the back seat with that guy. Looked to me like you were having a pretty good time. Is this what you do with your life? Doesn’t your husband satisfy you at home?”

Stella didn’t reply to any of his comments. Instead she looked down at her lap and started rubbing her hands together like a nervous cat. She looked up at the cop and said, ” I didn’t do it. I swear I didn’t do anything wrong. I walked in her and saw this blonde sitting on the bed holding a gun. Go a head, go to the office. Her name is Veronica and she works here at the motel. She asked me to call the police because she was too upset to do it herself.”

The cop called in to the front office asking for Veronica to come to room 400. Within minutes a nice chap walked in dressed in a pin-striped suit. His badge was gold and it had the name Dave on it. ” I am the hotel manager. I understand you are looking for an employee named Veronica. I am sorry, there is no one working  here by that name. Could it be another name?”

The cop looked at Stella and then thanked Dave for responding so quick. He told him he could go that he would handle everything from here on out. Dave left and closed the door behind him. ” Well honey it looks like all fingers are pointing at you. I guess you have got yourself in some boiling water now.”

The cop walked over to the bed where Stella was sitting. He sat down beside her and placed her hand in his. He cupped her chin and forced her to look at him. He leaned over and touched her hair and then forced her mouth open sticking his tongue in. His manhood began to come alive and he thrust her back on the bed.

” Seems to me Stella that you crave sex and you will do anything to keep your secret safe. I think I should have a taste of what you have to offer”. He stood up quickly and unbuckled his pants and unzipped the zipper. Throwing himself over her he tore at her skirt and spread her legs apart. Just as he was about to enter her he slumped over her.

Blood started trickling out of his mouth, dripping down on her face. She shoved him off of her and sat up. What the, who, what the hell just happened. He is dead, who did it? She ran into the bathroom and looking in the mirror. She leaned over and scrubbed her face with soap and water. She had to get home. She had to get out of here. The hell with everyone, I’m done. No more affairs, I am going to go back to being a bored  housewife.

She studied herself in the mirror just long enough to put her hairs back into place and wipe any smudges of make-up from her eyes. She straightened her clothes and turned to leave the hotel room. When she turned the doorknob to leave there stood Veronica. ” Going somewhere honey?”