Wagon Wheel Playhouse, Warsaw, Indiana



Tonight I was invited by a friend to go see a new play at the Wagon Wheel Playhouse. I am really getting spoiled at seeing these. The one tonight was titled Marvelous Wonderettes. You can click on the link I provided you and get a glimpse of what I saw.

The Wagon Wheel is a round theater where professional singers and actors come from all over and perform musicals and plays. I have loved each of them but the one tonight was freakin awesome! I guess I was more partial to it because the  music was from the fifties.

Some of the songs that were sung for my entertainment  were Stupid Cupid, Lipstick On Your  Color, Lollipop and Dream Lover. The costumes were to die for. I loved all of it. I hope I get to enjoy one more performance before I leave this area. Yes, there is no other like the Wagon Wheel.

I met my friend at her house and she took me on to the play. I just can’t see well enough at night so driving two miles in the dark is much better than eight. While she was finishing getting ready I went out back in her yard and took these two photos. Yes, tonight was awesome. These are memories I shall tuck deep inside so when I am in my rocker I can think back to this moment.

Abbyabby 2


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