Mystery of the Blondes, Part 2

” You, you killed him didn’t you? Why would you do that to John? What did he ever do to you?” Veronica slammed the door behind her and walked over to Veronica. ” I am tired of getting shit on honey. I give all I have to that man and every time I turn around he has a new woman. You must be the new woman. Well I am not going to take it anymore. I didn’t kill him though, although the idea had crossed my mind several times, but I think I know who did.”

Stella backed up a little. The hot, liquor breath was just a little too close. Veronica let out a wicked laugh. She knew she had her right where she wanted her. ” I am not the other woman. I barely know this man. In fact, I believe from our conversation that I am here on an interview for an assistant job, so you got it all wrong Veronica.”

” Bull shit, you come in here smelling like a whore with your cheap perfume. Your blouse half undone showing what you don’t have. What kind of position did you think you were applying for, bed partner? Besides, I have known John way too long. He don’t advertise, and he sure in the hell ain’t looking to hire no dame like you.”

Stella backed up until there was no more space to back into. Veronica put her hand in her purse and started to pull something out. ” No, Veronica, don’t shoot me, I swear I am an innocent victim here, don’t shoot.”

Veronica laughed a deep and husky laugh. Boy was this broad stupid. ” I wasn’t going to shoot you. Hell I don’t even own a gun. I was just grabbing my lipstick. I figured we are in the bathroom so I may as well do a touch-up job.” She continued to walk towards the mirror and applied her lipstick.

Straightening her hair and tugging at her blouse to smooth it out and show a little more cleavage she turned and walked out of the bathroom saying nothing. She sat down on the edge of the bed and hiked one leg up, posing in a provocative way.

Stella couldn’t help but notice the long slender leg showing and her eyes followed up the leg as far as was allowed. Veronica lit a long cigarette and took a puff off of it. She watched the circle of smoke while keeping an eye on Stella. Silence rang loud throughout the room as she smoked.

She squished the butt out in the ash tray and with a kitten voice said, ” Like what you see honey? Come on over here and sit by your new friend.” She patted the bed and Stella not knowing why her legs were moving, walked towards the bed and sat down.

” Ever been with a real woman doll? I saw you looking. I could feel your eyes burning with desire at what is under the skirt.” Veronica took Stella’s hand and placed it on her leg. She guided it up and down letting Stella feel the softness of her skin.

She laid down on her back and pulled Stella next to her. ” Kiss me honey. My mouth is wanting a taste of you.” ” No, I couldn’t, I am not that type.” Veronica pulled Stella closer to her. Their breasts touching, their lips begging for release. Veronica forced her mouth open and tasted the juices Stella had to offer.

She cupped one of Stella’s breast and with a groan that Stella didn’t know where was coming from, the two begin to probe each others bodies. Stella didn’t like it that her body was giving into this, that she actually was enjoying and wanted more.

The two stripped off their clothes and began to handle each other rough. Murmurs, moans and heavy breathing could be heard all around the room. The two were going at it hot and heavy when the door flew open and two gun shots went off.

Stella sunk over Veronica’s body. Veronica’s eyes had a look of pure terror in them. The two bullets had finished this little game. The killer walked over and stood staring down at them.

What a pure waste of flesh. I would have loved to get in on this scene, but that son of a bitch John owed me money. He had been slipping out the back door for years and now he won’t be slipping out any anywhere. I can’t have my money, and John can’t have his candy.

The cop covered the bodies up with the bed sheets. He went into the bathroom and took off his disposable gloves and flushed them down the john. Walking back to the front door he quickly glanced around the room making sure he had left no traces of him being here. Satisfied, he walked out the door and closed it softly behind him, thinking, paybacks are hell kiddos.