I Am So Pissed Off




What in the world is wrong with this world? I am so freakin pissed off. I don’t usually get this way, but for heaven’s sake, there is a family somewhere out there that, that boy belongs to.

Would I want that to be my last visions if that was my child, laying in the street, uncovered, for all eyes to gawk at? I wasn’t there but the report says the kid tried to still cigars and roughed-up a store owner. I admit that is wrong, but should he be gunned down, when he had no weapons  on him? Should he be gunned down when he tried to give himself up? He was shot, still managed to stand once again, and shot to death, and then had to lay there all to bare.

I am sorry, but how many times is a human being going to be  shot by a police person who tries to surrender. I am so glad I am the age I am. I don’t want to see how much more wicked and cruel this earth can become.

By the way, what took so long for the EMS to arrive? Long enough for a large gathering to appear. Long enough to video the entire scene. I can hear the people screaming in the background, and I am not sure if I was there, I wouldn’t be screaming the same words.

God help us all. Satan is surely alive.

11 thoughts on “I Am So Pissed Off

  1. Along with this there is another young American who has died at the hands of evil doers. There are many we don’t hear about. Satan may be running rampant with all it’s cohorts but we know the outcome. It’s for me to not become bitter, but be a peacemaker, as I represent my Lord Jesus. Let there peace on earth and let it begin with me. As the world appears to fall apart, its very much looking like Matthew 24, May The Lord bless and keep you…


    • I know you are right. I have seen reports of what is happening. It just made me so upset that they let that poor kid lie there like he was nothing. It just makes me sick the way the world is changing. I know where we are headed too and that is why I emphasize that I am glad I am the age I am. Hugs to you Mother Hen


  2. I have no words and this entire thing along with all of the other heart breaking situations in this world.
    The media no longer presents the facts and the truth but what sells and causes more violence.


  3. Wow. Been reading about this today, but did not know about this video. That is just wrong, and I am not sure what to say about all the people standing there taking videos, that upsets me as well, even though that seems to be the only way to get the truth sometimes


  4. You got me here Terry

    So it’s been said that Michael Brown allegedly committed a robbery.
    I don’t know if the police knew that at the time or not.
    But – even so- why was he even shot at? And – so many times.
    Beyond sad to see him just lying on the ground like that.
    God rest his soul.
    And – God help our world.


    • And that isn’t the first one that happened. Another shooting happened by a cop when a kid was trying to surrender. What pissed me off is the fact he was left out uncovered for all to glare at


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