I am going to try to do something I have pondered on before but always put it on the back burner. Why, you ask would I do that if I thought it? Because, it is hard work, and most of the time my brain is just too tired. Sounds like a lazy excuse doesn’t it?

My brain is just beginning to focus on important things once again. For so many years I had one focus, my brother. Now I am beginning to think about me. Not in a selfish way, but more of what I would call a healthy way.

So I wrote a poem to myself and would love to share it with you who enjoy reading my poems.



Love like I never loved before

Look at life not today but even more

Find the beauty on the outside

Look very deep and very wide

Bite my tongue don’t say that word

Don’t flip the finger don’t give the bird

Do something nice for them today

I know in my heart its the only way

Get out of bed and say thank-you God

For allowing my feet to touch the sod

Smile even though you don’t feel like it

Get rid of the attitude I don’t give a shit

I believe if I do these things I say

I will have a much better day.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry








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