Can I go back to when I was young

When I didn’t understand a thing

When news was icky and I didn’t

Know  guns , or murder

When police were explained

That they were my friend

When all I was told

Was don’t eat or take

Candy from a stranger

Why did I have to grow up

And understand the pictures  now

War is hell, heroes are ignored

Crime is up, murder is cold

Beauty has faded

The skies grow dark

As fighting continues on

Oh how I wish I could go back in time

And be innocent once again

Give me my baby

And magic bottle

Let me cuddle her

And whisper my

Secrets to her

If only for one more time.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


(Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry)



baby doll

9 thoughts on “ONE MORE TIME

  1. It’s hard not to see the world for what it really is as we go along. Even with an overactive imagination . . . However, I try my best not to see the bad. Sometimes I get really disappointed when in fact I knew that whatever it was, was inevitably true to what we have today!


    • Your point is very clear. When we were children the news didn’t interest us. We were naked to the world’s views, but now we are clothed and wrapped in visions of reality and have become tarnished around the edges. I, also, look for the beauty and positive in each day. If I don’t, I will shrivel up like a dying rose


    • The only time that tears has helped me immensely is through this healing I am going through from losing my brother. They seem to help in small ways. Other than that tears make my eyes swell, my nose run, my face look redder and less appealing for anyone to ask me out on a date.!!! Hugs


      • My condolences for your loss xx I don’t cry. I can’t . . . However, I do like to watch soppy stories/movies that drives me to tears . . . I find tears to be a healing comfort when I need it most. It’s like the rain – after it’s gone, everything, even my face, feels fresh, and my mood is cleansed 😛


      • I took care of my father for a year and then he passed away. A week later my brother had a heart attack and I continued to care for him until he just recently passed. In those 8 years I never cried. Now suddenly, I am mourning from the loss of my father and brother. I can’t watch sad movies yet. I can’t deal with sadness period. I prefer laughter to help me get through this. Hugs


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