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Work? Optional/ The Daily Post



If money were out of the equation, would you still work? If yes, why, and how much? If not, what would you do with your free time?


Will money ever not be a major point in my life? I doubt it, unless the good Lord performs a miracle. I believe that if I had money steadily falling like fall leaves on a tree, leavesI would not be who I am today.

I think money changes a person for the most part. People born with silver spoons don’t recognize or have empathy for those who don’t. Wealth places humans in a category apart from real life.

If I had abundance of money, would I still have had the compassion for my brother? Maybe I would have hired another caregiver or two or maybe three. Perhaps I would not have remained by his bedside and paid visits like some folks did when he was alive.

Who would I give thanks to if I had it all? I would tend to take my life and what material things I owned  for granted. I probably would not get up and thank Jesus for a new day. I may take my time showering and dressing, walking down the long hallway, expecting the kitchen staff to have my breakfast and coffee ready.

I probably would not look out my kitchen window and view  one positive thing. I would take the weather, the birds, the sun and the clouds for granted. I don’t believe I would feel about life the way I do now.

Murder, rape, mugging, and all the criminal activity; would I say something smug like, stupid fools, when they going to learn? Instead I find myself praying to God to help our country; to let eyes be open and see God is truly the only way  of this world.

The positive things about not working for me would be; I would write more often. I could get more involved with things I believe are important in this world. I would fly more often, visiting Julie in Australia and Ute and Al, along with many MSA friends I have made.

No, I think I like my life better the way it is. The need to work makes me humble and  I realize I am lucky to be here today. Hopefully I will touch a few lives walking along my path.

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