When Down Low, Angels Flow

chloeI haven’t felt the best  today, from the stupid mistake I made yesterday moving my bed. I have done very little today; but I am feeling a bit better tonight with pain medications, so time to get up and start moving around.

Speaking of moving, it seems when I am at one of my low points in life, God sends angels to my rescue to up-lift me. Today, I received two of those angels. One of them was a video of my youngest granddaughter. This is  her, all eyes and beautiful with her loving brother, looking down at her. I tell you, this made me smile big and brightened up my day.

The other angel was my phone ringing. When I looked at it, it was my daughter who lives such a busy life; but yet took time to give me a call just to chat. She didn’t want anything special, and this is what made the call so nice.

Thank-you angels.