I Want You in my Book

Every time I have family here for a meal we end up having food that is familiar to the eyes. This Sunday is going to be my last cook-out with my family. I want it to be special.

This is where you, my friends come in my story. You always wanted to be a part of a happy ever after book didn’t you? Well, here is your chance.books

I want this to be an easy meal with pretty colors sitting on the table. I prefer food added  that little kids will be saying, mommy, I want some of that.

Your part in this story is letting me borrow your ideas. Tell me the name of the food and the easy recipe along with it. Keep in mind it will be a cookout, summer heat and easy fixing.

The categories can be;

Mixed_Vegetables_side_dish1. Veggies

2. Meats

hambuger3. Desserts


After this coming Sunday is over I will be writing the guts of the story, adding your name and recipe that I used.

Thank-you in advance for participating.

26 thoughts on “I Want You in my Book

  1. A nice easy dessert that never fails with the kids is Dessert Pizza. You just buy a package of sugar cookie dough, and roll the whole package out on a round pizza sheet. When you remove it from the oven, spread softened cream cheese over the top, and then add whichever fruits you like on top… apple slices, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, whatever… Have fun!


      • You’re welcome Terry. Now I have a craving for one! I pray for you each time I think of you. Sometimes, people forget your loss, after a little time passes, but I just want you to know that I do remember, even though I haven’t been on wp as much lately, due to my own issues. I pray you are doing well, and that the pain of losing Al is replaced with the joy of knowing that he is with Jesus now.

        Much love to you,


      • Thanks Cheryl. I am having better days but it is still rough. I hope my move helps me. I asked God to open new doors for me and I am confident he will


  2. I like lemon lime chicken. Put some Italian dressing in a bowl, salt and pepper too. Squeeze a lemon and a lime into the bowl to get the juice. Poke holes in the thawed chicken breasts then give them a bath in this mixture (longer bath means more flavor.) Then cook for 30-40 minutes on about 375 or so in the oven. Enjoy! Oh and feel free to add slices of the lemon and lime in the oven pan/dish while you bake it. 🙂


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