Al Forbes Encourages Me When I Need It

I took a walk when I went to get my mail. I saw these and used my camera. I don’t know when I discovered I enjoyed a camera. I think it had something to do with being friends with Alastair Forbes, one of my friend bloggers.

Here is what I saw.

pink flower 3pink flowerpink flower 2


12 thoughts on “Al Forbes Encourages Me When I Need It

  1. They are gorgeous photos Terry. It is amazing what you can see when you look through the lens of a camera. Sometimes I see through the lens when I don’t have it with me. I see things and look at them from many different angles at once.

    I enjoy your photos Terry, and if it is me that has inspired you to do it, then I am very happy to have done so. Nature is beautiful and seeing it is pristine.


    • It is you, most definitely. I was afraid I would find laughter instead of enjoyment from others. I thank you and am glad you approve of my work. I know what you mean about not having the camera. I have seen views I could imagine through the camera. I think I am always looking at the skies, nature. I seem to like nature photography best of all


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