What did you dream of

When you were little

A fireman, a doctor

A ballerina, a judge

As you grew did

You keep that dream

Were you encouraged

Or did it fall behind

Drop to the floor

When you grew old

Did you look back

Was your past

What you wished

Or did you find

Something better

Or worse are you

Happy or sad

If you could

Would you change

Something you did

Or are you content

As you sit in your

Rocker and you

Look out the window

Are you smiling

Or are there tears

Falling gently

Down your face.

Life is what it is

We all aren’t perfect

We are actually

Right where we

Are supposed to be.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry

(Facebook page I manage)



20 thoughts on “WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG

    • I wanted to be a mommy and I did that, but no one explained the pain and hurt that comes with it. I wanted to be a nurse. Technically I never gained the title or money for it but did nursing work for years. I wanted to make a difference I’m the world. I think I will be rocking and still thinking about the what ifs


      • I will be thinking of the “I wish” moments that are all gone. As you say, the “what if’s” What if I had said “sod it” to my parents and gone to do the acting anyway no matter the hiding I would have got for it.
        “What if” I had asked the girl out I wanted to.
        “What if” I told someone I loved them.
        “What if” I had never read something I did
        “What if” I never moved away.
        The biggest one though is from six years ago –
        “What if” the kids hadn’t made a noise when I was looking at all the tablets and was about to take them.

        The smallest word in the English language and the word that can change the universe. “If … ” Especially mixed with “What if … ” and more importantly, “If only …”


      • Very interesting. I try not to live with the what ifs in my life, but I wonder if I will do that when I am old and know my time is almost up. Would there have been something I wished I would have done or changed. For now you and I are able to pretty much do what we want, but it will be different when we are old people. When I read your comment, I almost got a headache when I read all your what ifs. We can’t live like that today, it is unhealthy plus would drive us each nuts. lol. Great comment and a thinker!! Thanks Al


      • No, no, no, you didn’t actually give me a headache, but you did remind me of how we all think about the what ifs, always looking back instead of ahead. Hugs my friend


  1. Several things crossed my mind throughout the years. But – stuff happens, gets in the way, or there comes a twist in the road.
    Overall – I like where I’m at. And – I find being me & being the best me that I can be makes me happy. And – being happy with myself is key for me.


      • Hi Terry!!!
        Thanks for your message & for thinking of me.
        I’m doing well – just REALLY REALLY busy with both work & family.
        Yes – it’s been pretty busy.
        Just today – I was at 3 hockey games.
        Alexandria had one game & Victoria had two games.
        By the time we got back home – we had dinner & then it was time to get ready for the tomorrow. Right now – I thought that I’d check on the blog between laundry loads.
        I hope to catch my breath during the holidays when I have some time off from work too.
        But – we’ll see. That time of the year can be busy with family gatherings & happenings.
        Hope all is well with you.
        How’s your new home?
        You have moved by now – right?


      • It is so good to hear from you . Glad you are OK and staying busy keeps you out of trouble people say. I did get moved. Definitely warmer winters. Goin home to see my kids this weekend ,can hardly wait til Friday . Looking for a job which isn’t easy with this Parkinson crap but won’t give up


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