I entered the party

I felt so out-of-place

All the people I saw  dancing

I knew this was a waste


I went to the bar

I got myself a drink

I sat at a far table

Then I saw you and you winked


I looked  behind me

To see who else sat near

There wasn’t anyone around

I wanted to run from fear


There has never been a soul

Who has made my heart beat race

But when I saw you smile

I felt connected to your face


The music changed its song

You got up and walked towards me

I sat frozen in my seat

Until your hand touched my knee


You then took my hand in yours

And asked me for a dance

I stood up feeling dizzy

I felt my body in  trance


You moved so easily

Guiding me all around the  floor

And when the  music stopped

I knew I wanted more


You led me back to my seat

Then you asked if you could sit

I felt like Cinderella

Who had been lifted from the pit


We talked and danced

The hours seemed to fly

Then the party was over

We looked at each others eyes


You  stood and touched my arm

Then  led me towards the door

I knew this was a beginning

For now and ever more.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry












All in a Day

Today was a little busy for me. I woke up way too early. I don’t know what this waking up early thing is, but I don’t like it. I am ready for a nap by noon. Today I felt so much pain in my shoulder and neck area. I had heard from someone on here or Facebook, that maybe using it may actually heal it, so I decided to give it a try.

I ate my breakfast and then went outside and started taking down the campfire lights. I took down my home-made clothes line. I proceeded to pull the weeds around the ramp and flower beds.

From bending over so often I got terrible heart burn. I have noticed for some time that when I bend over this happens. I assume it is age related and the muscles in my esophagus are weakening. The heart burn lasted for half the day.

Since my son has moved my yard has gone to the dogs. It looked so bad I was getting embarrassed but he came today and mowed it. My arm and neck didn’t get better. In fact my wrists are swollen tonight.

I cleaned up and went to my favorite store. It seemed to me they upped the prices on things making it hard to make any purchases. I went upstairs to the area I love most. They sell primitives, lights and candles. It always smells so good up there.

When I came down the stairs I didn’t do so well. My legs felt like they were going to fall apart. They started shaking. I was never so glad to get back on the main floor in my entire life. I don’t know if this was from trimming earlier or Parkinson’s Disease.

From reading up on PD I am learning that patients get tired easily. All I know is I don’t like any of it. Tremors drive me crazy and weak legs make  me feel unsteady. I went to the grocery store because I had to get bread. I probably would have come home when I left the first store but my bread had molded. I am not eating anything with blue/green clinging to it.

When I arrived home I remembered I had started a load of wash with my bedding. I emotionally kicked myself for not putting clean sheets on like I usually do. I had left it to do later. Later never helps me. I need to do things now.

I made the bed and then laid down after putting my groceries away and I fell asleep for a couple of hours. Sleep is a nice gift for me. I don’t have to feel all the pain I feel daily.

Now the day is turning to dusk and I am watching the Walton’s. Another day  ending. I made it and wait for a new day to arrive.

friday night 2

The Waltons

I don’t know about you, but most of the TV shows I watch are the oldies. Maybe because I am older I relate better, or maybe it is because I don’t like all the nasty stuff that is portrayed in TV today.

The Walton’s is one of the shows I watch. Is there really a Blue Ridge Mountain in Virginia? Was it made up or is it real? I decided to do some searching and this is what I found.


WALTON’S MOUNTAIN MUSEUM is located in the Piedmont Region foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Schuyler (Sky-ler), Virginia. Opened on October 16, 1992, this building was Schuyler’s ca.1924 high & elementary school until 1955, grade school until 1991, and it is now our community center. “The Waltons” creator and John-Boy’s alterego, Earl Hamner, grew up in the home across the street. WMM attracted as many as 90,000 guests in a year from all 50 states and 20 foreign countries! 


WALTON’S MOUNTAIN MUSEUM offers replicas of John-Boy’s Bedroom, Ike Godsey’s Store, “The Waltons” kitchen, “The Waltons” living room, and the new MILITARY MUSEUM annex. We have a 30-minute video featuring Earl Hamner and the stars of “The Waltons”. We display hundreds of photographs and pieces of memorbilia. Visit our Recipe Machine, Exhibit, and Scripts rooms. (click on ‘THE EXHIBITS’ button above) Browse our souvenir shop that offers WALTON’S MOUNTAIN MUSEUM gifts, local crafts, books, DVDs and more. (Click on ‘IKE GODSEY’S STORE AND GIFT SHOP’ button above) The ‘LODGING’ button above offers suggestions for local Bed & Breakfasts, hotels, cabins, RV Parks, campgrounds, and visitor’s centers.



DIRECTIONS: WALTON’S MOUNTAIN MUSEUM is located off of State RT 29 between Charlottesville and Lynchburg Virginia. Guests traveling Interstate RTs 95 & 81 should exit at Interstate RT 64 to Charlottesville and take State RT 29 south. WMM is 40 miles north of Lynchburg or 30 miles south of Charlottesville. Take RT 6 East (Irish Road) for 5 miles; take a right on RT 800 (Schuyler Road) for 2 miles to stop sign; turn right on RT 617 (Rockfish River Road) and WMM is the second building on the right in the old school.



CONTACT POINTS: Address: 6484 Rockfish River Road Schuyler, VA 22969; Mail: P.O.Box 124 Schuyler, VA 22969; Phone: (434) 831-2000; Fax: (434) 831-2002; Online: http://www.waltonmuseum.org; E-mail: waltonmt@cstone.net


blue ridge mountainblue ridge mountain 2blue ridge mountain 3Yes, there really is a Blue Ridge Mountain in Virginia where the show was made.






I Want You in my Book

Every time I have family here for a meal we end up having food that is familiar to the eyes. This Sunday is going to be my last cook-out with my family. I want it to be special.

This is where you, my friends come in my story. You always wanted to be a part of a happy ever after book didn’t you? Well, here is your chance.books

I want this to be an easy meal with pretty colors sitting on the table. I prefer food added  that little kids will be saying, mommy, I want some of that.

Your part in this story is letting me borrow your ideas. Tell me the name of the food and the easy recipe along with it. Keep in mind it will be a cookout, summer heat and easy fixing.

The categories can be;

Mixed_Vegetables_side_dish1. Veggies

2. Meats

hambuger3. Desserts


After this coming Sunday is over I will be writing the guts of the story, adding your name and recipe that I used.

Thank-you in advance for participating.

When Down Low, Angels Flow

chloeI haven’t felt the best  today, from the stupid mistake I made yesterday moving my bed. I have done very little today; but I am feeling a bit better tonight with pain medications, so time to get up and start moving around.

Speaking of moving, it seems when I am at one of my low points in life, God sends angels to my rescue to up-lift me. Today, I received two of those angels. One of them was a video of my youngest granddaughter. This is  her, all eyes and beautiful with her loving brother, looking down at her. I tell you, this made me smile big and brightened up my day.

The other angel was my phone ringing. When I looked at it, it was my daughter who lives such a busy life; but yet took time to give me a call just to chat. She didn’t want anything special, and this is what made the call so nice.

Thank-you angels.


Lesson Learned

sore-elbowThis is what hurts the most tonight; what you see in the photo to the right. To this I add, legs, neck and arms. Of course my feet always hurt and burn.

This all happened because I had one of those frame of mind moments where I thought I was 25 years old again.

I was excited as I was paid a visit by my son-in-law today and one of my grandchildren. It was wonderful to see them.

They live in Ky where I am going to be moving to. He was up here visiting family and brought his pick-up truck here and took a load back home with him. I was very grateful as it saved a little more room on the big moving truck.

After he left I met my daughter-in-law and two of my grandchildren for lunch. I don’t usually eat at McDonald’s, but the oldest girl wanted to go there bad, so she could play in Kiddie Land.

It was fun watching all the little kiddies play on the equipment but I wasn’t used to all the screams and noise. We stayed a little over an hour and when we decided to leave, I was ready. I did have a good time though and I ate sensibly, or as well as I could; a four piece chicken nugget, and a grilled chicken salad.

I came home then and since the idea was still hovering in my mind of the idea I had yesterday, that is when I had the 25-year-old moment to act upon it. I moved my mattress and box springs out of my bedroom, down the hall and into the living room.

There were some funny moments and a scary moment with this ordeal. First of all I only had my house coat on and I wasn’t near as strong as I thought I was so I got stuck in the hallway.

No matter how I tugged and pulled on that flexible mattress,  I couldn’t move it past my dryer. The more I tried, I was doing nothing but actually moving the dryer. I stopped a few times and thought of different ideas, then went back at it again.

I finally got to the point I was trapped. I have a back door and I considered going out that door and walking over to my neighbor who I was sure would help me; but all I had on was my house coat. I wouldn’t have looked very good to the neighborhood.

I was beginning to get sore. I had made progress so didn’t want to go backwards. In fact, I wasn’t sure I could get the mattress and box springs back in their old position. I couldn’t call anyone for help because there was no one to call.

I had to go forward. The only other option I  had was to wait in the hallway until someone noticed there was no movement in my house and call the police, lol.  What would have taken a couple of guys without Parkinson’s and arthritis along with  Neuropathy in their hands only a few minutes, took me about forty-five. I did it. I got them out to the living room. I was too weak to try to take the bed frame and headboard out. I knew I couldn’t lift the box springs and mattress back on to the frame, so it is on the floor and now I have a new bedroom.

Why did I do all this? Crazy, just plum crazy idea. I thought I would have more room in my bedroom for boxes I pack. It also seemed less work for all involved on moving day if as much furniture could be out in the main room. Well,,, I was just trying to  help.

I sat down on my bed and my heart was racing so hard and fast it scared me for a few. I remembered my exercise classes where the teacher had said always keep exercising; but do it slower and slower until the heart beat is back to normal.

I immediately did this and it did help. I made the bed and crashed in it like I had not slept for hours. I was so sore I got back up and took some ibuprofen and then laid back down.

I couldn’t even get online because of my pain. I am still in pain but not quite as bad. I will take more medicine at bedtime and hopefully tomorrow I will feel better. My lesson I learned? Listen to the body, not the mind.





Are you scared

Or do you not fear

The other man

With all the gear


Do the weapons

He carries with him

Make you feel nothing

Or can you see a light dim


Do the miles a way

Keep you light at heart

Do you believe it can

Draw closer, not so far apart


The TV shows make it seem surreal

The fighting the killing are most real

The bullet that entered that young man’s heart

Most certainly touched me, made me fall apart


Do you believe it can happen to you

Or do you think it is only there

As we watch those  beheaded and die

What about the guns going off everywhere


Do you have a place to run and hide

Or do you believe in standing strong

Our  nation once so strong now

Parting, fighting all day long.


I pray for our souls every night

I pray for peace and humanity

 I fear if we don’t stand strong for all

We could be the ones pleading oh please.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


Facebook page, (Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry)













Soldier Boy




I know they called

You have a job to do

I have to step aside

Remember my love for you


I look through the glass

With rain and tear drops mixed

I watch for the man to walk

I keep my face so fixed


You see I received a letter

Telling me there was news

I couldn’t help feel the flutter

In my heart as it turned blue


No more smiles on my face

As he read the letter out loud

The news of you missing

From deep within the crowd


I will forever cling to hope

Watching out the door

Although others try to remind me

That you are for never more.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd

Terry’s Thoughts in Poetry (Facebook Page)


Out of My League

Now this was by far the most outlandish night I have had in months. I had a dream, as a famous quote was stated; but mine was relevant to, well I don’t even know the answer.

I dreamed I was in my right mind, and the current year; although there were two people from the past in my dream. No one I had ever met, yet surely was familiar with the names.

I spoke to, dined with, and led a life intertwined with these two famous people. Now, for the drum roll please.




Andrew Jackson (March 15, 1767 – June 8, 1845) was the seventh President of the United States (1829–1837). He was born in a poor farming family near the poorly marked border between North and South Carolina. Jackson was briefly captured by the British during the American Revolutionary War. He became a lawyer and in 1796 he was in Nashville and helped found the state of Tennessee. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, and then to the U. S. Senate, Jackson was in 1801 appointed colonel in the Tennessee Militia. Throughout his lifetime Jackson owned hundreds of slaves who worked on his Hermitage plantation he acquired in 1804.


Also another name familiar to I believe everyone. Abe Lincoln.


Abraham Lincoln Listeni/ˈbrəhæm ˈlɪŋkən/ (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was the 16th president of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War—its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional and political crisis.[1][2] In doing so, he preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the federal government, and modernized the economy. Reared in a poor family on the western frontier, Lincoln was a self-educated lawyer in Illinois, a Whig Party leader, state legislator during the 1830s, and a one-term member of the Congress during the 1840s. He promoted rapid modernization of the economy through banks, canals, railroads and tariffs to encourage the building of factories; he opposed the war with Mexico in 1846. After a series of highly publicized debates in 1858, during which Lincoln spoke out against the expansion of slavery, he lost the U.S. Senate race to his archrival, Democrat Stephen A. Douglas. Lincoln, a moderate from a swing state, secured the Republican Party presidential nomination in 1860. With very little support in the slave states, Lincoln swept the North and was elected president in 1860. His election prompted seven southern slave states to form the Confederacy before he took the office. No compromise or reconciliation was found regarding slavery.


Now what in the world did this dream mean? Why would I dream such a dream? When I woke up this morning, I swear I felt smarter. LOL




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