This Time of Year

I have been busy today. Nothing physical, mostly mental work. Starting to give my attention to my list I have been making of things  I need to do as it nears my time to leave.

After dealing with that I decided to take the latter part of the afternoon off. Place the phones down. Talking quieted. It was pretty nice. The news came on at five and I tuned into that.

Headline news is another journalist was beheaded. It just makes me sick. What can we do to stop this? The next headline news was the hacking of movie stars personal photos being snatched.

The comment was many pictures and  nude photos were stolen. Why in the world would they have nude shots of themselves on a cell phone? I swear we are talking about kids who are digging into what life is all about and what makes what work. No, we are talking about adults here who entertain us on the big, boob tube box called TV.

I have said for quite some time that there is more filth, foul language, showing how to kill a human, drugs and anything else you want to add to the list on our televisions today.

I don’t know who was affected by this hacking, but I know I would not have that on my phone for anyone to see that may pick-up my phone to use or a kid playing on it without my permission.

Games people play. Don’t you just love what is being accepted as good and moral in this big world we live in? When I think back to when my mom was alive, I laugh out loud. I think I saw her in her under slip maybe twice. She believed in being covered. Now we believe, well some, not me, believe we should be uncovered.

For what reason?  Maybe people who run around half-naked want attention. Or maybe they think they have hot bodies. I guess there are some who just don’t give a shit about themselves; and therefore have no respect for how they look to others.

Next, a commercial came on and out of nowhere I started crying. I had been doing pretty good with my tears for my brother I have lost, and all it took was one, simple commercial.

When Al and I lived in Florida he discovered there was a blizzard at Dairy Queen called the Pumpkin Pie blizzard. Every time we went out he wanted to stop there on the way home. I can’t even begin to count how many times he and I sat outside on the wrought-iron table and chairs in front of the restaurant. We ate our Pumpkin Pie blizzard and chatted the evening away. When we moved here to Indiana, I heard the same request from him at this time of year. Last year he refused them because he could no longer swallow well enough and needed to be fed.  Well here it is, time for them to be re-introduced for the season. Will I go get one? I am not sure if I am healed enough to or not. Time will tell.


14 thoughts on “This Time of Year

  1. It is sickening what these terrorists are doing. They give some excuse as to why they are doing it, but if it weren’t for that, they would use some other excuse. Something should be done to these, and one way of stopping it is to not plaster it over the news. By telling us, then they are getting the publicity they desire.

    The same for the stars who were hacked with the images of themselves. As you say – why? “Oh I know, I haven’t got much to do today, I will take a photo of me nude. No one will see it.” With all the phone hacking over here in the last ten years, of course they will be hacked. Most of the stars denied they were real, but Jennifer Lawrence said they would be against the law. Why not just say “there aren’t any of me”, even if there were?

    I think you will get a blizzard when you are ready to. You will know when that is. It will never stop hurting though, and I think when you do finally manage to buy one, you won’t eat it as it won’t be the same without Al.

    You’ll get there Terry. Grief is never an easy thing to get through.

    BTW – when did you put the sharing links back on?


    • I never turned them off, but,,,,,,,,,WP has been making changes without my knowing it so some things have been weird lately. Some are going back to normal. I have to agree with you. If media would stop broadcasting all the crap, people wouldn’t get the attention and they would leave. You can watch the news and find out how to make certain drugs, how a crime was planned, anything you want to learn…………watch the news

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      • Exactly. They think they are doing good, but they are giving information. “So and so got high taking a mushroom that looked like this” … “ooh goody I can get high off that then”

        “These people committed a crime by doing this, this and this” … “yay, that’s how to do it. We’ll do it that way next time”


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