The Tree That Brought the Power Down

Remember a day last week when I wrote about laying awake by candle light for the power to come back on? A large tree branch, so they call it, fell on the power lines. Today, a tree company came and cut down the entire tree. So the snoop that I am went into my back yard and proceeded to capture it on film. On my way back to the house I took a photo of the screw that holds the squirrel’s corn cobs on. I also took a few photos of Al’s plants from his funeral. So without further a due, here they are.

tree trunkstree trunks 2tree trunks 3tree trunks 4tree trunks 5tree trunks 6tree trunks 7tree trunks 8tree trunks 9tree trunks 10tree trunks 11tree trunks 12tree trunks 13

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