The Book Signing

Well tonight was First Friday downtown. I kept debating whether to go or not. The chance of thunderstorms was high about the time the event was to start. The sun was out when I decided to go ahead and leave. It remained out for about an hour, then the clouds rolled in.

I didn’t have much time to sell any books let alone do a signing but I did get to talk to several people. They ask me lots of questions. They seemed more excited when they learned I lived right here in town. They asked about other books I have written and I told them about the upcoming book of Al and MSA. They seemed much more interested in that book than they did about Dahlia. I heard comments of the same which were, I hope you get that new book out soon. I heard a crack of lightning, and then two, so packed up my goodies and headed home.

After I got home I got a text to meet my friends at the Moose, so went on down there. We laughed and cut up like we usually do. I played a game of pool with my friend’s boyfriend. I don’t know if he was being kind or not, but I won!!

On the way home it was only 8pm, but by the color of the skies you would have thought it was midnight. I stopped along the side of the highway and took some photos. Here are some shots of the sky and the book signing.


storm 5storm 2storm 3storm 4stormstorm 8storm 6storm 7

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