Time Is Not On Our Side

It is that time of year again. Time to bow our head and say a prayer to the one above. We should be thanking God that we did survive 9/11. Many were taken from loved ones. We watched in horror on our television sets as the disasters happened; feeling hopeless and praying like crazy that those people would remain alive.

Today is a very good day to put into practice where we are at in our own lives. There  have  been rumors floating about the attack coming once again. Whether this is true or not; it does bring to mind what I mentioned above.

No matter where you live or how rich or poor, if an attack happens in our area, are we ready? If we had a half an hour in advance warning that we would not have our homes, our children, our jobs or families or our own lives, what would be the first thing on our minds?

This is nothing like hearing a tornado siren coming.




It wouldn’t be a warning on the television asking you to close all of your windows due to high winds and too much rain. No, this would be a warning that the only one who would be in touch with it would be ourselves.

Maybe our first instinct would be to check and see where our medications are or grab our most important items out of the safe; but let’s face it, does any of that matter when we may be facing our last half hour of our lives?

Now is the time to take warning. Check out where your heart is. Do you know for a fact that you will go to heaven? Is there doubt? Today, September 10, 2-14 we have time. Time to make changes, time to change our priorities, but let’s not fool ourselves. There really isn’t as much time as we believe there is.








14 thoughts on “Time Is Not On Our Side

  1. I’m going to be posting a song tomorrow. I think I posted it last year. It’s the one that has been used as the anthem for the passengers.

    I was talking to my kids about this today. That it was thirteen years ago.


    • I can’t wait to see and hear your post Al. Hugs. Isn’t it amazing how we each remember where we were 13 years ago, but we can’t remember where we were one weekend ago


      • Yep. 13 years ago, I was in an office talking to a woman on the phone, and she just phoned up to say that America had been blown up. That was exactly what she said. I put her on pause so I could hear the radio, and I watched the calls waiting just drop, and one of the managers came in and turned the TV on.


      • Wow, such vivid memories. I woke up and turned the TV on and saw it in action. I was mortified to say the least. My heart broke instantly for all those involved, but I realized too that we are not as secure as we once thought we were. My eyes were forever opened that day


      • There are some images that will never leave me. The people that would rather jump out the window than take their chances inside.


  2. I think we have to make a decision as to whether we are more interested in this present life which is passing away or if we are more interested in the life to come which Jesus has promised to all who cling to Him for their Salvation. If we focus our attention strongly on Jesus, then I am sure God will take care of the rest of whatever might concern us.


    • I agree, but there are many who do not, and don’t care. Now is the time to make changes for anyone who desires it. Your first sentence is the key. Are we interested in Jesus or the present world we live in. For me, I know the world will go away but Jesus will remain strong. Hugs John

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      • Jesus will also make us strong if we ask Him and if we will “Let Go and Let God” take care of things. I have often said, “Let’s not get into the business of trying to do God’s Part in solving our problems.” But I think a lot of us are prone to try.


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