Wiggle With Jello


I have been on the bored side the past two days. When I am bored, I bathe instead of shower. I watch more TV than listen. My home is like a rubik’s cube. Boxes everywhere. Fragile lining my living room. Everything else lined up in no real pattern in Al’s room. A few are scattered in my bedroom. It looks like a mess. Only when the last box is loaded on the truck will I believe this home looks neat and tidy.

I have called all Utility Companies and told them  to disconnect me on certain dates. I have given all information to the new owners. Tomorrow morning I take my car into the shop and have it gone through its annual physical. Do you think Medicare will pay that? LOL

I will run a few errands tomorrow and meet the gals at the Moose for dinner and music. I have one more time I can visit here. Monday I go to my doctor to get refills to hold me over until I locate a new doctor. I will get teary-eyed as I say good-bye. Once again this is a great doctor who also helped take care of Al until he went to Hospice.

I didn’t do crap today. Mainly because it is chilly and cloudy outside. I don’t believe we hit 60 degrees today. For the next few days it will be chilly here and cold at nights. I swear I am not turning on that big bad furnace. I will wait it out until I move. I will hibernate under my blankets like a bear hides in his cave. Maybe I will be forced to pull out the long johns and slide into them, the way this weather is going. Last year on this day it was a high of 96 degrees; big change isn’t it?

I have noticed the past two days the Halloween commercials are coming to life on television. I have to admit this helps me get a little excited about the decorations I shall soon see. I have seen one Christmas commercial. There is wasting no time for a big bang of a buck is there.

I am watching The Middle right now and even the topic is about Christmas. One of the kids asked his family, what is Christmas all about, what is life about?

Interesting topic but glad it isn’t based on toys and money only. The sad thing was neither parent answered his question.

I ruined my sleep for tonight. I took a nap today. I wasn’t really tired, I was more bored; but now I will be wide awake tonight. I already know the routine. I will have my regular snack at 11pm. Sugar-free jello with two tablespoons of lite cool-whip. I have it every single night. It satisfies my sweet tooth. It makes my Diabetes happy. My only fear is that doing this over and over my body may turn into a red ripple of gelatin with a touch of white in my hair. Oh well, there is zero calories in jello and in my lite cool-whip there is less than 10 calories and hey, they sell hair color kits in the stores, so I will take the risk. I haven’t heard about jello causing cancer, at least not as of yet.

Are you watching your sugars too like me? Have you ever tried a sugar-free buttercream frosting? If not, here is a video to show you the ingredients and directions.





Recipe for Diabetic Powdered Sugar

Makes 3-4 cups


  1. 1
    Combine all ingredients in food processor or blender.
  2. 2
    Whip until well blended and powdered.


Well, another episode of The Middle is on, so this means I have been yacking at you for half an hour. I better sign off or you won’t come back and visit. You all have a great night,  hugs and love, me.












cool whip strawberry jello salad




4 thoughts on “Wiggle With Jello

  1. Feels like the middle of fall today – eh?
    I put on long pants & a sweatshirt. I refuse to turn the heat on in September!
    And – it’s ok to have days where you don’t do a damn thing. 😉


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