Let’s Start This Day

Let’s Start This Day

Morning dawn

Crawl out of bed

I don’t know if I slept

I feel a little dead

No sun to see

Put slippers on

A chill in the air

I think summer is gone

Measure coffee to make

Go pee in the pot

Looking in mirror

Did I have a few shots?

Flip television on

Listen to the news

Nothing is good

Always gives me the blues

Brain starts to wake

Thinking of today

Guess I’ll get dressed

And be on my way.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd


cemetary day 3



4 thoughts on “Let’s Start This Day

  1. Today was definitely a stay in bed all day kind of day – except for had had things to do & places to go.
    #Sometimes I don’t watch tv – just to avoid listening to the news. It can be so depressing.
    Anywho – hope you sleep well tonight.


    • I have days I don’t turn tv on but ,isten to nice music. I don’t know why but I sleep better in daytime. I think it is because it is day light and the boogie man is asleep


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