Backed in a Corner

Could you handle the pressure of being accused when you were innocent? The questions come at you like poison darts. Sweat begins to bead on your forehead. Your mouth feels dry and your  tongue feels thick.

You are innocent, but prove it. Where were you on the 17th of September, 2014? Alone, you say? We have a witness that says other wise. We were told that you were out at Sandy Bar out on route 666 with another man, other than your husband.

You try to swallow but sparks of fire are flashing from within your mouth. You somehow make out the words “water”. You are left alone to your thoughts while the detective goes and gets you your request.

I know I was alone. I was not feeling good. I had a headache and went to bed early. I even got up a couple of times and staggered to the bathroom puking my guts up. I figured I had a touch of flu or had eaten something spoiled.

The detective comes back in and hands you the white, plastic cup. You unseal your lips and let the warm liquid filter down your throat. Now mam, tell me again who you were with and why you were seen at a bar on the outside of town.

I told you sir, I was home all night. I was sick. I didn’t go anywhere. Give me a polygraph test, I can prove it.

The detective jots down some notes and excuses himself. Once again you are left alone with your thoughts. Am I going crazy? It was the 17th that I stayed in for the night wasn’t it? Of course it was. I had been invited for cocktails after work but turned down the invite. I am sure it was that night.

Once again sweat starts to bead up and I take another drink of the warm water. The detective comes back in and with him is another man. He sets down a small machine with a lot of wires hooked up to it. It had a blood pressure cuff. You said you would take a polygraph, so here is the man to do the job. I will wait outside until he is finished. Just know mam, lying will get you in more trouble than you are now.

I’m not afraid sir. I told you the truth twice now.

The detective leaves the tester to set up the equipment. He hooks it up to me and begins by asking me a few questions that he knew I would have the answers to. What is your name?


Where do you live?

1111 Pike Ave, Payton Place, WS

How old are you?


We shall start the test now.

He asks me only a few questions. One of them was, was I home the night of the 17th. Another was had I ever been to the Sandy Bar. The last question was did I know Sam Black.

These were easy questions. I didn’t hesitate at all. I answered them as if bullets were flying out of a gun.

The test over, the man unhooked the equipment and got up without saying a word and went out the door. That was a piece of cake. I am glad I took the test. Now I can quit worrying and get out of here.

The detective came back in and sat down. Silence rang out in the room for a couple of minutes. Who is Sam Black? Was he just a one-night stand or had you been having an affair for some time?

What was this guy’s deal? What had happened to the test? Mister, I took the test. It proved I was telling the truth. Now let me go home.

I’m sorry mam. You failed the test. I am going to have to arrest you on the charges of drug dealing.

I sat there speechless. Pee ran down my legs as my nerves begin to shoot through me like needles. The guy asked me to stand and when I did he turned me around and handcuffed my hands together. He read me my rights as he walked me out of the tiny room towards the iron bars.

Behind him two cops were watching the whole thing behind two-way mirrors. When the detective and woman were out of sight ,the two  high-fived and turned around laughing as they went back to their squad car. They pulled out and took off towards Sandy Bar. They were going to go to the spot they had hidden the drugs a couple of days ago.


Tribute to the Day of MSA

I went outside to leave and as soon as I opened my door I saw this little cutie. Next, I looked up and saw this. Lastly, I want to introduce you to my second published book. It is available at Create Space or Amazon.

book 2



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