Do You Want to Voice Your Opinion?

I heard on the early news this Saturday morning that an elementary student was disciplined for sharing his lunch with another student. My mouth dropped and my eyes probably bugged out as my daughter says they do when I am upset.

I have stated in a few of my posts that our world is no longer the country of Love they neighbor as thyself. I believe we are more a ME world, and what can you do for me. It is sad. I don’t believe this is the purpose of why we were born.

Not bringing any politics or religions into this post I still believe that gathering in groups and number; watching out for each others backs; and treating others as we would also like to be treated can be the Golden Rule of life.

What are we teaching a youngster when we punish him for sharing? Nothing less than what I stated above. So sad, just terrible in my opinion.

It used to be in our country and still remains in some areas of the world that when parents become old, the children take care of the parents. Sort of like a pay it forward moment. After all most parents spent a good part of their younger days trying to raise children into good adults.

Today, it is not done so easy. Times are different. I realize this. Economy is off-balance. Work is hard to find. Work is harder on the body as many try to do the job of more than one person as companies keep down-sizing to hold on to a few more dollars. Not all grown children can afford to care for their elderly parents, even if their hearts and hands want to.

When my brother was in the nursing home those short, six months, I was able to observe and get to know quite a few of the residents. I was a little surprised at how many had siblings and families in the same area, but here this lonely person sat, trying to make each day pass.

I heard stories from their mouths on the lonliness they felt and how they wish the good Lord would just take them home. With the child who shared his lunch and then was reprimended, what do you think the chances are that he will look after his parents when they are aged? You already know my thoughts, what are yours on this topic?


18 thoughts on “Do You Want to Voice Your Opinion?

  1. My first reaction was, “Oh, no. Big Brother won’t even let us share our lunches now. Good grief!” Then I read the principal’s explanation of the rule, which he says was made to protect kids who may have peanut allergies, lactose intolerance, etc. Yeah, ok, maybe. But don’t kids, especially kids who are 13, KNOW what their allergies are? Shouldn’t they have some responsibility to protect themselves?

    It’s Big Brother again. We’re too dumb to take care of ourselves. The gummint has to do it.


    • I know, it is so stupid. One commenter said a statement and I agree. When we were kids and even my kids, there were not so many food allergies. Maybe this proves that companies are putting anything in our food and then tapping a high price sticker. I have read reports of what is allowed in our foods and I believe if I didn’t have to eat to survive, I would not eat at all. And taking a vitamin to replace a meal? Another issue with what is really in those vitamins and supplements. I could go on and on but won’t bore you

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  2. Oh dear I gave my colleague one of my biscuits and a cappuccino…. she was hungry…. Seriously I can’t believe it … I can’t even hug my school kids any more as people read more into it.
    But then it is the adults who get it that far with all the blaming others and suing for everything in the world. Sad really!


  3. i guess i wonder why they have this rule? is it to stop bullies from taking another child’s lunch and then having that child lie and say they gave it freely? if so then it makes more sense. hopefully the parents will explain to the child why the rule exists and if it is “unfair” they will let the child know that sometimes we have to obey rules we don’t agree with or be prepared to accept the consequences. as adults we often exercise this option.

    as a therapist we have rules against hugging patients, i have never reprimanded one of my staff for doing so, however i have discussed the message we send with body contact. it is up to them to decide who they feel it is safe and appropriate to hug. even as a teacher if a student wanted a hug i let them hug me and used one hand to pat their upper back. it is unfortunate but these rules exist to keep us from being sued. i just made sure my insurance was paid up so i could decide for myself whether or not to take that chance.

    even virtual hugs are a beautiful display of kindness and care.

    sending you love and BIG hugs my friend:)


    • I understand the reasoning but I hate it that we are such a suspicious world today. I think the reason that kids can’t share meals is because of all the food allergies that kids seem to have now a days. Of course I am going to voice my opinion on this also. When I was a kid very few had food allergies, but today, there are so many chemicals and colors to make food look and taste more appealing that now there are food allergies. Love and hugs dear friend


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