Going Away Party

Tonight my friends and I met at Pizza Hut for a going away  party for me. We had a good time. Lots of laughter and chatting. The waitress spilled one of my friend’s drinks and we all even laughed over this; although I am sure that ice-cold pop in a warm lap didn’t feel the best. When we parted ways there was a lot of hugging but no tears. I never say goodbye. I always say, talk to you later. It makes it easier on my heart. Here are the photos that I took of all of us. I will miss them so much but they will remain in my heart. Just think, because of Al’s terrible illness I met all these nice ladies. God always makes something good with a bad situation and he proved this with this group of ladies.

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Litmus, Litmus on the Wall



Litmus, Litmus on the Wall

If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?


I am not very good at meeting people in the first few moments. I want to be more out there, but I am shy. I usually get over it quick enough by saying something to draw laughter. I also stay a little in the background and listen.

When we listen we can hear what the other is truly saying. While I am listening I also have a bad habit of comparing myself to that person. Thoughts such as; do I look too fat, I am heavier than they are.

Stupid thoughts but I do have them. The moment then comes when that group conversation is over and people go to other people repeating little chats. I am still standing in spot and the lady ask me those routine questions. Are you from around here? How many children do you have? What do you do for a living?

I don’t really mind hearing these words. I have nothing to hide. If we are hitting it off fairly well, I will ask the question. Want to get together one day next week for lunch?



I Saw Someone Taking a Bath

I woke up this morning. I flipped the television on. Ever since Al passed away the TV has become my friend who helps me remember I am not  alone. I heard so much negative talk. Fires in California, woman missing from the grocery store. The only clue they have is her van was found a few blocks away but it was burned. I learned of the airstrikes signaling us something bad could be about to happen.

I got up and poured my coffee and sat back down waiting to hear more bad things happening in our world. While I was half listening and half thinking about what I was going to do today something turned my ears from the noise box to the noise outside.

Of course the familiar sound of squirrels using my roof to frolic and play had begun. I have tried going outside and talking to them about how I wish they would play somewhere else. I have advanced to scolding them. Yesterday I took my outside broom and tapped it on the frame of my porch. This chased them away for several hours but today they are back. I hate to have a new name titled, The Broom Lady, so I don’t know how to get them to leave.

Now the squirrels were chatting wildly. I have been friends with them long enough to recognize when they are happy or upset. I got up and looked outside the window. I didn’t see anything.

I grabbed my house coat and went outside. I instantly saw three of the squirrels. They were standing up waving their bushy tails and screaming about something. They were definitely upset. Out of the corner of my eye I saw another movement. I then smiled, remembering that my one goal the last few months of Al being here with me was still with me today.

I smiled because right on the ground, covered with my many trees; sunlight was peeking through, allowing warmth to seep through for anyone who wanted to feel a little warmer on this chilly morning.

What was it that caught my eye? A beautiful, fluffy, calico cat. He was bathing himself. He had taken advantage of the peeking sun and decided that he was going to enjoy primping, but oh how this upset the squirrels. Their chatter transferred in human language was saying loud and clear; this is our yard, get the hell out of here. Go find another place to claim as your own. How can we frolic and play as long as you are around. I silently thanked the pretty cat for quieting my roof and helping me to remember to see one good thing about each day.