My Thoughts to You

Well my friends, it is 9:30 in the evening. It has been a long and yet fast-moving day. I have so much to do here at home yet, but it is those things you can’t deal with until the last day and sometimes the last hours.

Today, I went and met friends for lunch. Tonight, my neighbor and I went out to supper. I have packed some things. My place definitely looks like I am moving. Tomorrow evening will be the last time I can write to you until the internet is hooked up in my new place.

I will be able to use my cell for some internet, but it just isn’t as good as the real deal. So if I don’t respond back to a comment, don’t think I am being rude, I probably can’t until later.

Maybe a break will be good for you and me. I know I haven’t written any real good writing since Al passed. I wonder if it will ever come back. When Al passed, a lot of my followers died too and the ones who remain, are friends forever.

Hopefully, new scenery, new thinking, and better days ahead will help me out. I know I had been writing a third book while writing the book about Al. I plan on continuing that one. I also have plans to write a pamphlet on the real details of MSA for those who are wanting more than a general idea.

With new people to see and a new job waiting, who knows where this will lead me. I have thoroughly enjoyed my camera. This has been a new discovery for me this year.

I dread tomorrow in a way because the only thing left in my freezer is a package of hot dogs. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy them once in a while, but they don’t like me and besides; they are much better on the outdoor fires than in a pan of boiling water. I have two cans of soup left, so there is no planning on my meals for tomorrow.

Well I know I will write one more time tomorrow, so I will talk to you real soon.aug 6

32 thoughts on “My Thoughts to You

  1. I have been reading but haven’t been commenting–know that I’m still here, cheering for you!!! And congrat’s on getting the book out there–I didn’t get to comment on that post, but I read it!


    • Good luck tomorrow. Moving is one of the most difficult things to do. It’s Carol Hagovsky and I still follow you even if I haven’t made comments


      • Hi Carol, thank you. Moving is very difficult this time. I have never moved without a husband or my brother. New experiences I hope for. It would be so perfect if my kids and I could all be in the same town


    • I have counted on God’s guidance so much in this move, I can’t imagine what I would do without him. I have to wonder what he has in store for me next. Hugs my dear friend


    • Dear Mother Hen, I always look forward to your comments. They have helped me so many times to be able to day down at night and try to rest. I am hoping for new doors to open and wonder what God has in store for me. I will be back in a blink of an eye. Hugs dear friend

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      • I have been blessed to get acquainted with you Terry. Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts with me and I too look forward to what God has for you too..It’s in the difficulties that He is grooming us, He’s the potter and we the clay, and it often hurts as He pulls and tugs, working on our hearts. We just always remember that He knows best when we don’t understand the whys of life.. (hugs) back to you…


  2. I wish you peace and joy in your new home! Hope the move goes smoothly, there are so many things to think of and to remember when moving so I guess I wish you calmness and peace of mind too! Best of luck!


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