Don’t Forget Me, Promise?

Time really got away from me today. I packed a little this morning. My son and daughter-in-law invited me to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch. They brought baby E. along so I got to spend some time with him. I always remember how old he is because he was born a week before Al passed away. Can you believe Al has been gone six months? It still seems like yesterday to me in my mind and heart.

He now has one tooth through and the one beside it is almost through. He can say mama and dada, and he loves to slap the table. It is fun to watch babies and see all their new developments. They gave me some gifts which I was so surprised. One of them is a shadow box with the grandkids in it. It is ready to hang on my new walls.

I came home and did some more packing. Before I knew it, it was supper time so my friend and I had supper together one last time. I love eating at Penguin Point. They have the best fries ever.

I came home and called my auto insurance and changed state coverages then packed a little more and ended my night with a shower and a see you soon my friends. I shall return very soon. Have fun, stay safe and keep writing. I will definitely read blogs and try to answer what I can.

Don’t forget me, promise?

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37 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Me, Promise?

    • Thanks Mother Hen. I love photography. I wish I could land a job of writing and photography. I would feel like I am in heaven, but I have no professional experience behind me in photography


      • Well we never know what’s in store for us.. I know you sure are gifted to write..Keeping Smiling Terry and look forward to hearing from you when you are back online..


  1. I pray you have a safe, positively eventful trip, and that this move proves to be exactly what you need to add larger doses of happiness to your life. Take care, and be safe! ♥♥♥


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