I’m Back

I’m Back

I am like the ghost of past

I left you all but it didn’t last

I did move to downward south

I drove my family mad with my big mouth

Today I moved into my house

No family here, quiet as a mouse

A little fearful I must admit

Have to get used to this just a bit

New neighbors new sights

New routes, what frights

I can find my clothes and a pan or two

I found my plates and even shoes

Moving is something not too fun

I am glad the mess is almost done!

Written by,

Terry Shepherd



31 thoughts on “I’m Back

    • Hi AR, it is so nice to be back. Moving is not fun as most of us know at one time or other. I am glad I am now in my own place and thanks so much for the fine compliment


  1. can’t wait to hear about your new adventures and see pics you take. how exciting! i guess i moved so many times over my lifetime that i can’t imagine moving again yet i know i would do it in a moment. i am excited for you.


    • This move was not exciting. I guess I am getting older. I thought of you each day and read your posts but could not reply. I am so happy, well excited is the correct word, that you are here and our friendship will continue on. Much love and many hugs dear friend


  2. I’m proud of you Terry, for making such a bold move. I learn from your courage…wishing you all the happiness you deserve, and new friendships galore! Be safe, be happy, be productive, and always be the wonderful person you are my friend! I hope this ” new life” brings you everything you’re looking for to fulfill your hearts desires and dreams. ❀


  3. Moving is not fun, but I think it’s great for you to have a fresh start!! Sometimes new sights and people are a tonic for the soul…take care of yourself. Don’t overdo. Everything will get done in time.


    • I think this is why it is taking me so darn long. I take too many breaks, but my feet burn so bad I can only do a little at a time, but you are right, it will all get done!


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