The Gloved Hand

It started out with rain and a gutter full of fog. I had to go to work. I had called out too many times. I looked out the tear driven window. I saw my car out under the car port. How many times I had placed a request to that cheap-ass landlord to put a light out under it. All I asked for is one light. For heaven’s sake, is that too much considering the dollars he rakes in from all of us tenants each month?

No, he hadn’t done it yet. Said he had been so busy. Doing what, screwing that bleached-out blonde bimbo upstairs in room 69? I had passed her many times in the halls as we all picked up our mail at one specified spot. She must be about 60 or so. Looks like an old used mop; but I have to admit, she still carries the curves with ease.

I stood watching the rain fall, cursing myself for not buying me a gun when I had the money. I work my ass off, only to give it to those money hungry bill people. Miss one payment, and they are almost on your front door with snarling teeth and that fake smile, holding their grubby hands out. Living week to week seems to be the main stream of life for most of us here on hood alley.

A notch above the gutter, a roof over our head, only a few cockroaches to be seen scurrying up the walls and I haven’t heard those measly mice either. I guess the landlord does do something with his time besides bop that old hag. I ought to let his wife know, but hell, those who play with fire do get burned. Let him burn  his own ass.

I looked at my watch. Damn, it is getting to the point I could be late. Do I dare call off one more time? I really don’t mind my job, no really, I don’t. I work down at the truck cafe nights. Let those bastards pinch my ass or peak down my blouse when I am pouring another cup of java and they tip me well.

My issue is the recurring dreams I have had lately. Afraid, afraid that the real boogie man is outside my car waiting. Waiting for me. He is going to threaten to slice my throat if I don’t give him a piece of ass. A bad dream I have had, but after so many nights, could it become a reality?

I turned from the window and went in and finished putting my tight jeans on. I pushed my breasts together and pasted them tighter with a piece of clear tape. That ought to get me some decent tips tonight.

I colored in my brows, put some gold-specked eye shadow, smacked my lips together after putting some ultra-shine gloss on them. A couple of coats of extra black mascara and a half of can of hair spray and I was ready.

My gut started to flutter with butterflies. I just had this sick feeling in my mind that says, tonight is the night. Oh well, Blanche, get your jacket and hat on and get yourself  out to that car.

I made sure all the lights were off. I flipped the porch light on and stood outside my back door looking in the direction of the car. Only a few yards, I can do it, now go. I walk slowly to the car and place my key in the lock. Quickly looking side to side I turn the key.

I push in on the door handle and open the door. Suddenly a glove wraps itself around my mouth from behind. I push it away and it comes back with a force. I try to say something, to scream, but my mouth is covered with what felt like tar.

I was flipped around so I was facing my reaper. Glove removed, I pleaded for my life. ” Please, please don’t hurt me. I don’t have any money. Hell I don’t even carry a purse. Only thing I got is my license on me.”

” I don’t want your money lady. I am not going to hurt you either. We just need to talk.” Pee slowly trickled down my legs and I cussed this bitch out as now I was going to definitely be late for work, because I would have to go back in and change pants.

The scarf came undone from the intruder’s face and my mouth fell open as I recognized the person standing before me. ” Phyllis, what , what in the world are you doing here, and why the hell are you trying to scare me half to death? Damn woman, you about gave me a heart attack.”

” I want answers. I have a feeling my husband is cheating on me. I need your help.”

” Listen Phyllis, your husband is my landlord. I am not going to do anything to jeopardize my getting kicked out of here. If you want to know anything do your own spy work. Better yet, why don’t you ask him.”

” You have eyes, I know you snoop on the going’s on here. Tell me my suspicions are right. I promise to make it worth your while.”

Now she had my attention. ” How you going to make it worth my while Phyllis? The only thing that works good for me is cold, hard cash, nothing else.”

” How about six months of free rent?” My mind quickly tossed these words around and I locked my car and she and I headed back into my room. The hell with work. I could find a new job with my extra money I was going to save. Maybe even a better job and a better place to live. I smiled as I unlocked my door and let her in.





Step by Step, Inch by Inch

I feel like I am in one of the episodes of I Love Lucy. It is the one where  the skit, step by step, inch by inch is played out.

I am getting my house done exactly this way, step by step, inch by inch. I put some more things away today. I only have one box remaining. I can see the floors in all rooms. Here is a photo of part of my living room.

living room