Step by Step, Inch by Inch

I feel like I am in one of the episodes of I Love Lucy. It is the one where  the skit, step by step, inch by inch is played out.

I am getting my house done exactly this way, step by step, inch by inch. I put some more things away today. I only have one box remaining. I can see the floors in all rooms. Here is a photo of part of my living room.

living room

7 thoughts on “Step by Step, Inch by Inch

    • I am a nut case when it comes to Lucy. I wish I was more like her in her shows. I know she was a perfectionist in real life, but she was making people laugh and smile on her show. She enjoyed life and didn’t worry so much. I want to be like that too

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  1. congratulations on making progress on the move… it is a big job isn’t it? I remember our last move, it was unbelievable how much stuff we have accumulated over the past years! What a mess to sort out and put back in place at the new home.

    Lord bless you!


    • When I was home I packed a little each day. Then suddenly the move, a long drive to me and then unloading. Seeing all those boxes and furniture in the wrong places drove me nuts. I am almost done. This house needs some TLC and I can work on it through time, but most of the boxes are empty now. You are right, it is a big job, especially when we are older


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